Interview with Hazel Kay, a fantastic Fan Fiction Author


For the record, please state your name.

Real name is Kyra, but I’m known in the Twilight Fandom as Hazel Kay.


What inspired you to become a writer?

It was a few different factors. I fell in love with a bunch of people’s words and the visuals they created, and I wanted to try to do the same. Music and movies that gave me ideas on ‘What if?’ …even the fictions I was reading always had a part, or more than one, somewhere that made me question ‘What if this didn’t happen’ or ‘What if he/she had made a different decision,’ would the result be same or would an entirely new path be made?


What are your hobbies?

Well, if I don’t have to be an adult and do all the things that come with it, I like to catch up on some reading, work on a jigsaw puzzle, or see what new craft idea I can do. I like to paint ornaments for Christmas and make wreaths; although I don’t think I’m that great at either.


What are you passionate about?

My kids and my husband


What interests are you into?

Tumbling/gymnastics/cheerleading, hockey, baseball, sports/massage/physical therapy


What social media do you use to contact with your fans?

I use facebook mostly, but I use twitter and have just recently made an Instagram. I usually just use the latter for story updates/delays and other promotional reasons.


What is your username on the different social media platforms? (do you want this information to be published)

I don’t mind if these are published: Facebook is Hazel Kay. Twitter is @LadyHazelK. Instagram is lhazelk.


what did you do before you became a published author?

I don’t have any published “books” as I’m only in the fanfiction realm for the moment, but I was/am a stay-at-home-mom.


do you have another job other than writing?

Not currently, unless you still count my wife and stay-at-home-mom status, but I’m a full-time college student so I can get one.


How long have you been writing for?

Since 2014


What’s your writing style like?

Uh…I’m not sure. I do prefer to write in first person, though. I tend to have one document per story for random ideas. I say random because things just pop in my head and they’re usually never in order.


What’s your favorite genre to write/read in and why?

Reading and writing: Romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, comedy, and a little bit of angst. I’m actually kind of an angst wimp, to be honest. If I read something that’s high in angst, I have to follow it with something happy and uplifting, otherwise I feel down in the dumps. It’s the same with my writing.


What’s your least favorite genre to write/read in and why?

Angst and tragedy are high on the list. There are very few stories that I’ll read in these, especially if they’re paired together. I do love that, if done right, it can truly just make your heart ache and you can feel it deep down to your core, but I have can have trouble getting my emotions back under control after, even if I loved the story. I generally cannot simply write angst for the same reason. I tend to try to put myself into my character’s shoes and it can affect me to the point that it’s noticeable by those around me. I’ve found that I can switch my brain over to something happy or mischievous for a time and then I can go back. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work.


Some writers have something playing in the background, do you and what?

I don’t always because I can get distracted easily. I’ll play something that will help me with the mood of the portion I’m at. For instance, a dancing/karaoke scene, I’d have the exact songs I’m using on repeat and I’ll play/pause a lot in order to write any actions the characters are supposed to be doing. With writing a lemon, it depends. If it’s supposed to be hot and fast paced, I’ll have something like Ludacris or Juvenile on beforehand and maybe during, like I did when I wrote “Want You Bad.” If it’s slow and loving, I need something that would fit what I need.


What’s the inspiration behind your books?

Each one has a different reason as to why I started it, whether that be to get an idea that formed down into a Word doc or to get back in the habit of writing consistently.


If you could do it all over again, would you change anything about your books?

I would thoroughly think about everything in the storylines to really make sure I didn’t mess up somewhere, and I’d finish it before promoting.


Is there anything you found particularly challenging about writing?

Sometimes just sitting down to write is challenging with my kids and house duties, and now my homework load on top of it all. When I do have the time and will to write, I think just getting the right words down that convey what you want can be difficult.


Who are your cover designers?

I usually do my own, but I’m horrible at manips that place one person’s face on another’s body. No matter how many times I try, I just can’t get it to look good enough to share. I can overlap and layer and that’s the most I stick to. I’m open to anyone who wants to make me one, but those don’t come around until I’ve started posting chapters. I did recently use one made by Cullens Conquest for a Suspense/Thriller/Horror fiction (Internal Terror) that’s still a work in progress.


what authors are your inspiration?

Stephenie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, Marissa Meyer, Helena Hunting, Sophie Jackson, The Grimm Brothers, James Patterson, blueeyedcherry


What is your take on fanfiction?

I’m writing it now, so, yes! And if I ever do become an actual published author, I wouldn’t mind others writing a fanfic based off mine. I’d love to see alternate paths and where they would take the characters.


What advice would you give any newbie author or anyone that wants to pick up writing?

Not everyone is going to like/love what you write or how you end it. Write what you see for your characters, even if it’s not popular, and don’t let anyone tell you how the storyline should go. It’s your story – your character’s story – not theirs.


What are your fondest childhood memories?

Well, most of my childhood was a gymnast’s life, so if I wasn’t at school, doing homework, sleeping, or eating, I was at practice. But other than that, I’d have to say spending time outside with my friends, going down by the little stream that was behind some houses and catching “love bugs” and fireflies, which might be the same thing, but I don’t know. Haha! Yes, I legit caught fireflies!


If you Don’t mind tell us a little about your personal life?

I’ve been married for almost 9 years, and my husband and I have two beautiful and active kids who are 18 months apart. My oldest, a girl, will turn 5 in May, and my youngest, a boy, is 3.


Do you have any causes, charities, foundations that you are passionate about and donate to? if so why? how did you get involved??

I’m not active in any, but I do donate to the Madonna Rehabilitation Centre when I can. Before I started my college degree to be a physical therapist assistant, I had heard of them, but wasn’t sure what all they were about. They specialize in traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries (SCI), pulmonary conditions, severe strokes, and other neurological conditions and pediatric rehabilitation.


Do you have any pets?

I have two dogs. Chico is primarily chocolate lab, but he’s a little smaller, so I’m not sure if he has a smaller breed mixed in there. Mia is…well, I don’t know either! She’s white with black spots and we think she’s a hunting dog mix as she’s incredibly fast when running and LOVES to be outside, unless it’s raining or her feet are too cold during winter.


Some fun questions now


what age were you when you were first kissed?

Ha! I was actually 16 and I was a junior in high school. It was during the time of the Drama Club’s Spring Play, I believe.


who was your high School sweetheart?

My husband. We dated for a few weeks at the beginning of Senior year, and then again a couple weeks before graduation and have been together ever since.


what did you want to be when you were little?

Oh, lord! I can’t remember all of them, but I know there were so many things. Just to name the few that I know of: a princess, a veterinarian, an Olympic Gold Medallist like those of the 1996 Magnificent Seven.


what is your favourite colour??

I like to wear black. I can tolerate them all, but I generally like green and orange. I know that they don’t look good on everything or with everything, though.


what is your favourite food/s?

Pizza, burgers, ice cream, cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera, chicken (grilled, baked, and fried).


what are you afraid of?

Failing as a parent, burying one or both kids instead and/or losing my loved ones before the natural time of age, painful death…anything tragic really.


how old were you when you first got drunk?

I never got drunk before my 21st birthday, but I did get tipsy in my own home. After I turned of age, the first time was New Year’s Eve and a BFF’s birthday at a bar. It was the one and only time I mixed drinks and did it too fast. The second and last time was just that I drank one or two too many of the same beverage.


What was your first car?

I drove a 2005 Nissan Sentra, but it was not technically mine. The first car I owned came after I was married and my husband and I co-owned a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.


did you live in a house or apartment when you were a child?

Kind of a bit of both. My dad was in the Air Force and we lived in base housing most of the time. Sometimes we lived in a house that didn’t share a wall with another, and then we’d move and maybe we did at the new place.


what was your favourite tv show as a child?

Oh, man. You’re making me think hard again. Recess, Ed Edd, & Eddy, Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Loony Tunes,


What was your favorite book?

The Bernstein Bears “Inside Outside Upside Down”, “I’ll love you forever”


who did you have a crush on when you were in school and how old were you?

Oh, jeez. I don’t remember. I know my celebrity crushes in high school were from the Lord of the Rings cast: Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Orlando Bloom, and Viggo Mortensen, and then Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan.


Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about? Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.

Most people I know, except for my family, don’t realize that I’m a bit obsessed with Twilight, but mostly vampires/werewolves in general. I love “Queen of the Damned,” and the “Underworld” series. I have a few steel-boned and flexible corsets that I’ve had intention of wearing, but I’m always too nervous to wear in public, minus Halloween. Social media is a fine way to get in touch with me and if we need to send things by email, then we can discuss that through social media. My works can be found under the penname of LadyHazelK on fanfiction (dot) net, fictionpad (dot) com, and starslibrary (dot) net.



Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview with us!!!


hazel Kay


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