BOOK REVIEW: Words and Dreams by Laura Strickland

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TITLE: Words and Dreams

AUTHOR: Laura Strickland


This book is set in Boston Massachusetts 1817 Dora Sinclair is a young independent strong will and mind aspiring female author of the time when it was the woman’s job to stay home and look after the family and her husband or work in the whore houses. Dora thought she got her first big break into writing via the path of journalism for the “Guardian”, she soon discovers her employer’s son is nothing more than a chauvinistic pig that made it clear to her if she wants to keep her employment then she has to accept his advances.

On this evening where she is contemplating what to do, to return home as a failure or to keep refusing his advances. Through a luck of chance her favourite hat is caught in the wind and none of than the famous Irish O’Hare who is treated by the papers as nothing more than a good for nothing thug, when in actual fact O’Hare is fighting for equal rights and pay for all. For his Irish Brethren to be treated the same way as anyone else. Being the charmer he is, he talks Dora into dinner, Dora being the reporter that she is quickly on discovering O’Hare’s identity and accepts his offer to dinner while at the same time presenting her plan to write a series of articles for the Guardian about O”Hare and the struggle for his fellow man, what he stands for and why, a real honest account of the struggles of the Irish that simply want to work and support their families.

O’Hare agrees to the series of interview and the journey of intrigue and danger begins for the both of them, as Dora’s articles hit right the core of the problems the couple face danger at every turn. While at the same time O’Hare fights his feeling for Dora and Dora is falling in love with him.

O’Hare almost loses his life in fighting for his cause, a bounty it put out on his head with the son of the owner of the Guardian being the ring leader of this.

There is a very happy ending for the couple both together and as individuals, O’Hare learns about his own family that he never knew.

The language used in this story and the research taken to create such an actual account of the struggles of the time are clear. The Author has made sure to provide enough details around clothing and transports to create believable images while reading this story.
If you are looking for a romance story with some mystery and danger then this is the book for you.


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