We at Cloe Michaels Reads are looking for a couple of like minded individuals that have a passion for reading in any genre.
Since December last CMR( Cloe Michaels Reads) has expanded beyond our expectations we have several authors that have returned after their first book review or interview wanting us to work more with us.
Due to the expansion of authors and promotional companies and our first event herald last week that was a massive success . We have become extremely busy.

So Maggie and myself have decided that we need to expand our team.

We would send you copies of the book that need reviewing and a timeframe of which the review needs to be completed by and emailed back to us so we can prepare and post it to our blog. ( all books come in the format suitable for kindles or kindle apps). We have been trying to have a turn around of a week to 10 day from when we email the author to let them know we have started and when they can expect the reviews

All our reviews must be in a positive nature as we feel the author has put their love and passion into the book and deserve positive fed back in some form.

If you are interested please either pm Maggie Lowe Skye Noir or Bronwyn Goulding or you can email us at




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