BOOK REVIEW: The Lucky One (Carolina Connections Book 3)





“How’s Bailey taking all this? I mean, no offense, but she’s about as maternal as a cactus”.

With a line like this you just know there is a story behind it. Sylvie has created this world where Bailey in her mind is this awkward tom boy that no man would wake. From the very start of the book Jacob/Jake wants Bailey and sees more than what she portrays at her brother’s wedding. In a night filled with passion there are consequences even though they used protection.

This is a love story about a girl who has had her heart broken and lacks both self-esteem and confidence. Bailey is a tom boy through and through and finds it difficult doing all the girly things her friends are into, she does not show emotions or cry, but that all changes when Jake walks into her life and changes it forever with consequences neither were ready for.

With love and determination Jake shows Bailey she is worth more than she realizes and that she can trust him with her heart.

This story really touched me in many ways it reflected my own life and how one very special man can see more than what you show the world, what you keep hidden and protected from the world so that you don’t get hurt.

Sylvie has found a way to reflect real possible event and lives of individuals that we can all relate to in some way while at the same time adding in humor throughout the book.

I strongly recommend this book for your leisurely Sunday reading especially since this weekend is Mother’s Day in some of the parts of the world spoil yourself pick up your Kindle or reading device and purchase this book, sit back with a coffee and spend the day relaxing and enjoying a great book.



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