BOOK REVIEW: Enchanter by Kristy Centeno



TITLE:Enchanter (The Giver of Life Trilogy, Book One)

AUTHOR: Kristy Centeno

I have to say straight off the mark I was not happy with the ending I LOVED IT….. I WANTED TO KEEP READING MORE NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS TILL THE NEXT BOOK.
This book had everything I love mystery, fantasy, adventure, danger with just enough romance.
Leah is a struggling college student who never fitted in anywhere really, her father died when she was younger and her mother appears to hate her and want nothing to do with Leah. The only true friend she had as a child was Brendon and she turned her back on him when everyone starts to pick on the nerdy kid in school, Leah chose to abandon her close friendship with Brendon instead of standing by his side and running the risk of being ostracized as well
On Leah’s 21st birthday she starts to notice strange things happening with her, she is seeing things that others cannot and hearing voices. Leah starts to believe she is going crazy being attacked by strange creatures and when shown the CCTV footage there is nothing there but her she knows she is going crazy. Till one day when forced to work with Brendon on a class assignment and starts spending time with him and through fear she explains to Brendon some of what has been happening to her Brendon believes her and takes matters into his own hands.
While Leah faces with issues she has with Brendon and their past, Leah is very quickly pulled into a world where vampires and soul destroyers do exist. Leah quickly realizes that the world she once knew is not all there is. She finds out the real reason why her mother hates her so.
Leah must find out who she is and deal with the fact that Brendon loves her and she has feeling for him but can never have him for he is promised to another.
This book kept me glued to my IPAD I did not want to put it down, the author created this amazing world for the reader to step into with just enough of everything to keep you wanting more. There was just enough mythological creature in it that I love. You slowly got to understand the mystery behind Brendon.
The book was very entertaining and I can say that when the next book is out I will be lining up to read and review it also. I desperately want to know what will happen to Leah and Brendon. This book was well written and captivating.
I challenge all our follower to read this book, you won’t be disappointed.



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