BOOK REVIEW: Snifter of Death by Chris Karlsen.


TITLE: Snifter of Death

AUTHOR: Chris Karlsen

When I started this book I was not sure that I was going to like it as it was not a genre that I read or enjoy. I do enjoy reading historical fiction but not crime. I can say first off this book really got to me and I found as I read I really got into it.

It is set in London 1889 Metropolitan Police Holborn Station with detective Rudyard Bloodstone and Archie Holbrooks and Graciela as the victim come murder. The story starts with the two detectives working towards solving the mystery of the stocking thief of young women. While at the same time Graciela is planning her first murder.

As you go along with these three you quickly delve into the mind of them and how each methodically plan and work through the crimes. Graciela working out how to plan her first of her murders and why she is doing this. The research she does to preform her murders you quickly feel very strongly for Graciela and understand why she is doing this and how she gets away with it until her third intended victim.

It is an unlikely person that gives Bloodstone the answer he needs to help him solve the murders and why after spending all his time following up each dead end lead they quickly find Graciela and teach her tragic story as to why she went after these men.

The lack of support she would have got if she had reported their crime when it happened she knew no one would believe a poor village girl had been brutally rapes by four upper class standing men and that there would be no justice for her, so she took her own justice.

This was an amazingly well written story and kept you wanting to know more, would she get away with her crimes or would Bloodstone and his partner stop her before she completed her tasks.

If you can handle the mention of rape without details and are looking for a historical crime story then I strongly suggest this book. Both Archie and Bloodstone work well together and there is plenty of heart to this story.


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