BOOK REVIEW: Finding Marcus Anderson by C.L McGarth

finding marcus anderson

TITLE: Finding Marcus Anderson: book 2 in series


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This book is the second book in the series and is from Marcus’s point of view. You follow Marcus as he learns to cope with being a retiree from the MMA, how to be a husband, step father to Sarah’s boys and soon to be a father himself. This was a very interesting read as you learn to dynamics of each relationship Marcus’s has in his life and in his past. Marcus also discovers that he has a 17-year-old son that he never knew about. The author has kept true throughout the book as to the emotions Marcus would be feeling as each stage of his life both the good and the bad.

Marcus starts mentoring up and coming fighters, he builds a strong close relationship with both of Sarah’s boys and her ex-husband. Marcus discovers his son by accident from a relationship he had when he was sixteen with his 37-year-old neighbour Maddy, but Maddy is keeping secrets that can destroy everyone’s life when Marcus quickly starts to bond with his son.

With the support of all his friends and his loving now pregnant wife Sarah he begins a journey of self-discovery and what he really wants with his life, though he loves being at home with Sarah something is missing and he has started to have nightmares about his past.

Marcus decides to return as a fighter to the MMA but not as a contender for his belt while training he and his coach Felix discover than when Marcus isn’t training his dreams return and that Marcus needs this in his life even if he isn[‘t a full time fighter.

Marcus discovers Maddy’s secrets that could destroy all their lives and unfortunately there is a tragic end for one of them but I wont give that away.

The book has a perfect ending for all the major players as they learn to live with the tragedy of someone they love and are close to.

Book stories reflect a different dynamic to ex relationships and how they can work successfully for the greater good and benefit all involved. These books though fiction could really some couples how you can still have children with an ex but live a happy life and still support each other.

It was great to read a book from the male point of view, his thought processes and why he does what he does. Though I feel everything was said that needed to be said about Sarah and Marcus in these books I really would love to read more about their journey through life.

Fantastic book and series strongly recommend you read both and follow this authors work

BOOK REVIEW: Finding Sarah Miller By C.L McGarth

I absolutely loved this book it had a bit of everything in it. Being a romance there was plenty of that, but also drama and suspense. I found this book easy to read and follow and wanting to read just a little bit more no matter how early in the morning it was until I finished.

The story started with divorcee Sarah Miller following her ex-husband and his new wife from Australia to America with her two teenage sons so that the family can still be together. Sarah decided that after being a wife and mother for 13 years that she needs to find herself and starts her year long trip across America on her own.

Sarah arrives in Vegas where she meets her soon to be best friends Mike and Catherine, going out on night she meets MMA world champion Marcus Anderson and their romance begins. Sarah for the first time in her life finds love in Marcus. A bond so strong that neither want to be apart but how will that make it work, Marcus lives in New Mexico and Sarah is travelling the country and needs to return home to her children on a regular basis but they don’t want to be apart.

Without giving too much away they break up because Marcus is not thinking when loses a fight and blames Sarah very publicly for his failure, you just want to punch and beat the shit out of Marcus for this. Heart broken and with a new job and as a MMA photographer Sarah returns home and starts to rebuild her life without her love.

Due to Sarah’s new position she must travel a lot and returns to Vegas where she meets TJ who she quickly becomes friends with but he has other plans of a more sinister nature.

Sarah is asked to photograph Marcus for an up in coming fight and while talking he quickly wins his place back in her heart and life. TJ decides to make his move to trap Sarah and it is Marcus that saves her life.

Marcus in a very public way asks Sarah to marry him and whisks her off to a romantic holiday after his last fight and has planned the most romantic wedding I have every read.

Again, I just loved this book and was pleased to find there was another to continue their love story. There was just enough of everything in it. At times, you just want to cry as you feel Sarah’s pain of losing Marcus or when TJ attacks Sarah and almost kills her you are sitting on the edge of your seat hoping Marcus gets to her in time before its too late. I strongly recommend this story and this series


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