Series Book Review: Behind the Love Contemporary Romances By P.C Zick

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Behind the Altar, Book One

I could not put this book down I am not big on religion but it worked in this book because of the lessons learned in it.  I loved how Dean and Leah had a strong connection from the first moment and how it grew.  I liked the dilemma that Leah was in trying to figure out why she felt a certain way with Dean and not Jacob even though she was with him.  I liked how this story had a lot of real life things in it because it makes you think about how homeless people including the veterans are treated after they served our country.  I can’t wait to read the next book in this series because this author is really great at capturing her audience and keep them intrigued.



Behind the Bar (Behind the Love Book 2) by [Zick, P.C.]

Behind the Bar, Book Two

I really loved this story it had lots of twist and turns along with a lot of jealousy which had me turning the pages as fast as I could read them.  I love how Reggie and Susie were together and broke up because Reggie had issues he had to work through. I loved how both Susie and Reggie had to do some soul searching to know what they wanted and what matter most in life.  This story taught you to not take anything at face value like when Susie was jealous when Sally Jean was talking and hanging out with Reggie and thinking stuff was happening.  I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and anything else this author has written because she has a great way with words and had me mesmerized.



Behind the Curtain (Behind the Love Book 3) by [Zick, P.C.]

Behind the Curtain, Book Three

This series just keeps getting better with each book and this one is by far the best I loved how all the drama played out and how it made some people realize like Tommy and Lisa that you should not ignore your feelings for each other.  I like how everything ties together from book one to book three and the people who thought they could get away with things gets what they deserve.  I could tell from the book two that Lisa and Tommy liked each other and that chemistry followed more strongly in this book.  I would love to see what else this author has to read.



Behind the Door (Behind the Love Book 4) by [Zick, P.C.]

Behind the Door, Book Four

I loved this book it was so moving and brought me to tears with the tragedy that takes place for Sally Jean just as she has finally found love.  I love how Sally Jean gets the help that she need from this tragedy and her past trauma because it helped her heal and realize that she does deserve to be loved and that it can happen more than once in a lifetime.  I like how everyone in Victory was a family and even though they did not always see eye to eye they were always their for each other through thick and thin.  I loved how even though Sally Jean and Dr Brett lost someone special to them you could still feel the connection between them because of how they each soothed each other.  This was one of the best series that I have read and I would love to read more by this author.



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  1. Thanks you for your kind words! I am so grateful that you enjoyed this series. I loved creating the town and fell in love with the chsracters.


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    So very pleased with these reviews for all four books in the Behind the Love Series.


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