BOOK REVIEW: Linda Gets her Groove Thing By JD Frettier



The Green Room Chronicles, book 2

AUTHOR: by JD Frettier


Another hilarious book in this series by the author. Again, we follow Bonnie and Dee as they help their new found friend Linda as she enters the green. As they help Linda get accustomed to life after death in the green room and help her get revenge on her dead cheating husband and his mistress.

This is a true adult story with sexual references and talk about battery operated boyfriends. The book starts with Linda getting ready for her next long huel flight when her expected package arrives and it is not what she ordered, pissed she rings the company while on the phone her life ends and she is transported to the green room.

Linda tells Dee and Bonnie about her life and her cheating deadbeat husband who has also crossed over while drinking greenmosa. Dee and Bonnie decide to help Linda get what she deserves on her husband, starting with a perfect body sculpture.

With the help of some colourful characters Linda seeks her revenge starting with the mistress Misty who has a spell cast on her to make her bare coot suddenly sprouting hair while her new loves eats away.

The next is giving her cheating deadbeat of a husband what he thinks is the perfect member, instead it is large and crookened with no woman wanting him., and calloing him a freak

You laugh all the way through the book at the antics Dee and Bonnie  as they help Linda seek her revenge. It ends with Linda getting a special delivery from the UPS guy, just what she always wanted all along.

If you are looking for something hilarious and entertaining with just enough cheek, then check out this book you wont regret it.



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