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Interview with Oliva Savage


oliva savage

For the record, please state your name.


Olivia Savage


What inspired you to become a writer?


A few years ago, I was working management a job that paid pretty well and that people told me I was good at. I had just gotten married and we’d bought our first house… life was progressing the way it was supposed to, right?!




Only one, big o’ problem: I wasn’t happy. Like, at all.


Now, I wasn’t depressed or miserable. My job didn’t suck… it was just, you know, a job.


… a job in a box with no windows. That I drove to every day in my box with wheels. And I’d go home every night to watch my box that gave me views of the world “out there” while I spent my time “in here,” boxed in.


Some days, I felt like I was going to go crazy if I spent any more time inside or staring at boxes.


But I always talked myself off the cliff.


The box was safe. Everyone else has a box, after all, and if they don’t yet, they’re saving or looking to get one of their very own.


… and that rational-head-talked worked for a long time (honestly, longer than it should have), until one day I couldn’t take the boxes any more.


Then I kind of snapped (more on that in a second).


I was tired of leaving for work so early that I didn’t see the sun. And driving home so late, from long hours at the office, that it seemed like Monday-Friday existed in perpetual night. Until the weekend came (if I wasn’t working that too, of course), when I could exist in daylight. But not for too long, because I was so exhausted from the long-night-to-nights of my week.


Life became about existing. Trudging from one day to the next. Until, late one night, my husband and I looked at each other—lines etched into our faces from stress, worry and lack of sleep—and one of those subliminal messages passed between us…


What the hell were we doing?!


We both had relatives that were at the end of their years who we hadn’t visited because we “didn’t have time.” There was an entire gaggle of nephews and nieces that didn’t know us because they lived half way across the country.


Old friends, new friends, family near and far, even each other: They were all slowing growing into strangers with each passing day.


Not only that, but I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore. Where was that spitfire of a woman who laughed hard and loved harder? She was sinking away beneath sheets of paper and file folders, every spread-sheet line weighting her down a little bit more.


So I and my hubby took the scariest step ever…


We fired our jobs, sold everything and bought an RV. To travel. To feel free again. To rebuild the relationships that were withering away.


And on a dust back road, in the middle of nowhere-Colorado, I had an idea for a story and started to write.


That’s how I began writing, and I would eventually branch into short stories and then novels. I’m working on my six book right now 😀


There was no crash of lighting or voice from the heavens that inspired me to become a writer. Just a simple, nagging itch that I couldn’t ignore any longer.


… And if you’ve ever felt that same hankering, poking away despite how much you try to ignore it, let this be the sign you were waiting for. Do a little something to scratch that itch today.


Refuse to just exist. You deserve more.



What social media do you use to contact with your fans?


I’m always on Facebook and twitter (so say hi and tell me about your story!):





What’s your favorite genre to write/read in and why?


I love romance because: hot guys and sex scenes. Fun to read, even more fun to write! My latest series (The Art of Hanky Panky) is a very naughty contemporary romance involving a smokin’ hot artist and the woman he asks to model for his paintings.


I’m also a huge paranormal and fantasy reader. My next series is a fantasy romance featuring a kick-ass heroine and a hero with a giant sword [hint, hint].


If you’d like to find out when my newest novel will be available, don’t forget to visit my website and sign up for my newsletter. I’m currently giving away a copy of my highly inappropriate adult coloring book (drawn specifically for romance readers). If that sounds like fun, check it out at OliviaSavage.com/FreeBook



Do you have any causes, charities, foundations that you are passionate about and donate to? if so why? how did you get involved??


I have always loved dogs (seriously, who doesn’t want unconditional love and a snuggle-buddy!) so my husband and I have been involved with foster dogs and animal recuse for years. Seeing a puppy find his forever-family is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.


If I ever won the lottery, I would want to start a giant dog sanctuary with tons of land for them all to roam, ears flopping as they dash by, ball hanging out of mouth.


what is your favourite food/s?

Coffee, coffee, coffee… Until it gets too late in the day for caffeine, then I switch to red wine. Oh, and I grew up in the southwest. I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life. I talk about restaurants with good enchilada sauce the way some women talk about their hair stylist.


Tell us about your Book/S?

If you like naughty contemporary romance, then you’ve got to check out my newest series, The Art of Hanky Panky.

(Available on Kindle and in print paperback from Amazon.com)

art of hanky panky

What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting?
…And, by the way, did I mention you’d have to be naked?

Completely, 100%, nothing to hide those love handles, nude.
Honestly, it’s mortifying enough to stand naked in front of my own mirror, but to do it in the same room with my mind-blowingly hot, totally off-limits art instructor?
This is so not something that I, June Cooper, had planned for this college semester.


What I should be focusing on is working my butt off to pull in awesome grades and get into my choice of law schools.

No distractions allowed.

Especially if they come with male parts attached.
Aside from just being dumped, a waistline that inexplicably keeps growing (damn you, chocolate cake!), and a highly developed caffeine addiction, my life is pretty much on track. Just how I want it.
Then, he showed up.

Ryan Carter.

Famous painter. Artist. And one giant, smoldering, red-hot distraction.

My world comes screeching to a halt when Ryan asks me to pose for a painting.

Going naked is one of the most terrifying demands anyone has ever made of me.


But I could never have guessed how exposed my life would become through that one little request.


*** The Art of Hanky Panky is available on Kindle and in print paperback from Amazon.com

Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about? Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.


You can check out more tantalizing books from author Olivia Savage on her website: http://oliviasavage.com and don’t forget to grab your copy of her free adult-only coloring book created specifically for romance readers. Check it out at OliviaSavage.com/FreeBook


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RELEASE PROMOTION: Clemency by Leah Parker to go LIVE Friday, JUNE 2nd!!!


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Clemency_Amazon_iBooksThey say everything happens for a reason. I say that’s a lie.

What reason would there be for one of the only people I love to die?

On the day of her best friend’s funeral, Gaia Terrone meets Quillen Jacobs in the most unusual of circumstances. When Gaia makes the decision to follow after Quillen, she had no idea just how far she’d be following him.

Determined to learn more about her, Quillen sets out to capture Gaia’s heart, but the guilt of the past holds him back.

When the truth is finally exposed, Quillen is faced with the reality that it may be too late. With the truth of their pasts threatening to keep them apart, Quillen fights to capture the heart of the woman whose eyes haunt him at night.

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FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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Head over to the Author’s page to enter the giveaway!

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Leah resides on the coast of Massachusetts. She’s been an avid reader since fourth grade when she fell in love with the “Dear America” books and Harry Potter. When she’s not writing, she’s likely reading. Though she doesn’t much believe in fantasy, she does make an exception for all things Disney. Leah received a degree in psychology this past May, and she has absolutely no idea what she wants to do with it. She enjoys wine, Italian food, candles, coffee, and being outside.

She hates cold weather, long pants, staying in one place for too long, and going to bed (though she does love sleeping.) Leah has always had a passion for writing, but it wasn’t until the Winter of 2015 that she finally got an idea in her head for her first novel, Clemency, which she wrote the following Summer. She is currently working on her second novel.

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Romance Between the Pages’ Weekly Podcast Interview – June 2, 2017

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann’s new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through the spring. No question is out of bounds. Check it out!



USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Faithful (not currently on sale as undergoing maintenance!), Hopeful, The Empire State Series, The Nights Series (a series of standalones alone books each following different characters) and King of Wall Street.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, The West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

Listen on Itunes (Subscribe so you never miss an episode! It’s FREE!)

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PROMO BLITZ: Guardians of the Crown BY Alison Sturt

Historical Romance
Date Published: 25 May 2017
Publisher: Escape Publishing
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
From award-winning author Alison Stuart comes a stirring historical trilogy about soldiers, spies, and the strong women that love them.
By The Sword (Amazon Rating 4.5)
England 1650. In the aftermath of the execution of the King, England totters once more on the brink of civil war.
Kate Ashley finds her loyalty to the Parliamentary cause tested when she inherits responsibility for the estate of the Royalist Thornton family.
Jonathan Thornton, exiled and hunted for his loyalty to the King’s cause now returns to England to garner support for the young King. Finding Kate in his family home, he sees in her a chance at a life he doesn’t deserve.
But love is fragile in the face of history. What hope can one soldier and one woman hold in times like these?
(Winner of the 2008 Epic Award for Best Historical Romance)
For more information click HERE
The King’s Man (Amazon Rating 4.7)
London 1654: Kit Lovell is a disillusioned Royalist who passes his time cheating at cards, living off his wealthy and attractive mistress and plotting the death of Oliver Cromwell.
Penniless and friendless, Thamsine Granville has lost everything. Terrified, in pain and alone, she hurls a piece of brick at the coach of Oliver Cromwell and earns herself an immediate death sentence. Only the quick thinking of a stranger saves her.
Far from the bored, benevolent rescuer that he seems, Kit plunges Thamsine into his world of espionage and betrayal – a world that has no room for falling in love.
Torn between Thamsine and loyalty to his King, Kit’s carefully constructed web of lies begins to unravel. He must make one last desperate gamble – the cost of which might be his life.
For more information click HERE
Exile’s Return (Amazon Rating 4.8)
England, 1659: Following the death of Cromwell, a new king is poised to ascend the throne of England.
Imprisoned, exiled and tortured, fugitive Daniel Lovell returns to England, determined to kill the man who murdered his father. But his plans for revenge must wait, as the King has one last mission for him.
Agnes Fletcher’s lover is dead, and when his two orphaned children are torn from her care by their scheming guardian, she embarks on a perilous journey to save them. She didn’t plan on meeting the infamous Daniel Lovell.
Thrown together with separate quests – and competing obligations – Daniel and Agnes make their way from London to the English countryside, danger at every turn. Will they find the peace they crave, or will their fledgling love be a final casualty of war?
For more information click HERE
Kate nodded, a faint colour rising in her cheeks. ‘I had a good dowry and Richard fair prospects.’ She looked up at him, holding his eyes with her clear gaze. ‘And we loved each other.’
Dear God, this bloody war, Jonathan thought.
‘And if it were not for the war, you would be living in wedded bliss in Barton Manor, surrounded by a brood of children,’ he said.
Kate looked away and he knew his observation had hit home. He reached for her hand and when she tried to pull away he tightened his grip, forcing her to look up at him.
‘I’m sorry, Kate, that was a thoughtless remark. I’m the last person who has any right to do that.’ He released her hand. ‘From what I knew of Richard, he did not have the heart of a soldier.’
He knew more about Richard Ashley than he was prepared to reveal. A scholar, not a soldier. Richard should be at home at Barton Manor with this woman and their children. Not dead in the ground at the age of twenty-two.
Kate looked up at him, her brow creased in puzzlement, and he cursed himself for revealing too much.
‘What could you possibly have known of him? The Thorntons have been estranged from the Ashleys for over thirty years.’ This time he bit his tongue and when he didn’t reply she continued.  ‘To answer your question, Richard may not have gone willingly to the war but he fought bravely against the terrible odds in the North. He followed Sir Thomas Fairfax into hell during those early years.’
Jonathan nodded. ‘Fairfax’s men had it hard in those early years.’ He paused. ‘Was he with Fairfax that day at Marston Moor?’
‘Of course,’ Kate replied. ‘Were you there? Is it possible you faced Richard?’
Of course Jonathan had been there with Prince Rupert’s cavalry. It had been a bloodbath.  Marston Moor had put in train a series of tragic events in his own life that had nothing to do with the battle.
He swallowed and gave a barely perceptible nod. ‘I was on the other flank with Rupert.’
‘What did it matter?’ A rare flash of anger rose in Kate. ‘You wouldn’t have known Richard if you had met on the battlefield.’
Yes I would, he thought.
‘That is the tragedy of a civil war, Kate.’
She didn’t seem to notice that he had used her given name. Her eyes blazed with anger and misery. ‘They brought him home to die. It was a horrible death.’ Her voice cracked.
She lowered her head and took several deep shuddering breaths that wracked her body.
Without thinking, Jonathan lifted his hand to her face, tilting her chin so she looked at him. Her eyes swam with unshed tears. Tears he had caused.
‘So many deaths. Too many, Kate. Believe me, it’s not always easy to be the survivor. I may not be dead but I have lost all that is important to me. It’s a hollow victory over death.’
So many deaths…Marston Moor and afterwards, Oxford. He had run at life, stumbled into the path of innocent people, and he had survived while they had died.
About the Author

Award winning Australian author, Alison Stuart learned her passion for history from her father. She has been writing stories since her teenage years but it was not until 2007 that her first full length novel was published. Alison has now published eight full length historical romances and a collection of her short stories.  Her disposition for writing about soldier heroes may come from her varied career as a lawyer in the military and fire services. These days when she is not writing she is travelling and routinely drags her long suffering husband around battlefields and castles.
To keep up to date with Alison’s news and for access to exclusive content subscribe to her Readers’ List. Just click HERE
Contact Links

Purchase Links
Guardians of the Crown is available from all reputable online stores:
If you would like to explore this fascinating period in history, Alison is offering a copy of her time travel romance SECRETS IN TIME to any readers who wish to sign up to her newsletter. The offer remains open until 30 June.
Reading Addiction Blog Tours

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MoB promo tour for Love in Times of War

Continue reading


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BOOK REVIEW: Eight Days in The Sun By MK Schiller

Product Details

TITLE: Eight Days in the Sun

AUTHOR: MK Schiller

This book is about love through healing each other through the tragic events of their lives.

Karian lives the life of a recluse until she must decide about her life and future, to do this she decides to return to her hometown of Jasper Florida for a holiday of eight days. Staying in a hotel that would be better suited in times gone by. On her arrival, she meets the handsome Mason Cutler.

Quickly as Mason helps Kiran heal from her past and accept that she truly is an amazing woman the two falls madly in love but knowing that Kiran is off to College to become an author and Mason is off to become a marine they make a pack to return to the same hotel 5 years in the future on the same day.

During the five years Kiran lives her life as she promised Mason and arrives to the day five years at the hotel excited to see Mason once again the first man she ever loved and will ever love, only to find a Letter from Mason saying that he has met the woman of his dreams and that their little pack was silly. But all is not what it seems.

Kiran is heartbroken but notices there is an address on the letter and decides to track Mason down, only to meet his sister Dana who she thinks is his girlfriend, while Dana thinks Kiran is there for the cowmanship position. What Kiran does not know is that tragedy has struck Mason and he has lost his sight, this is the real reason he turned her away he did not want to be a burden on her.

Kiran with the help of Dana decides to stay and be Mason’s companion while Dana explores Antarctica for a few months.

Kiran is strong willed and will not allow Mason to push her away she still loves him and will be happy to just be his friend and help him heal while Dana is away. Mason is angry and stubborn determined that Kiran should live her life without him and will not admit to himself or Kiran that he still loves her and that she is the only one for him. Mason still at the end does not see what everyone else see’s and lets Kiran go once again.

This story does have a very happy ending for the both but I won’t give away how.

I found this book to be very entertaining, with times you wanting to cry along with both, times where you just want to kick Mason’s ass or just cheer for each together when they face all the challenges together.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different from the typical fluffy romance, yes there is that but it is excellently written and a credit to the author on her ability to bring their story to life. There was not a time where I though gee this story is dragging if anything I wanted to do nothing but keep reading I was enjoying it that much.

I would love to read more from this author and see what amazing worlds she can create.



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BOOK REVIEW: Hers to Have By AUtumn WInchester

Product Details

TITLE: Hers to Have, Book 2 in Series

AUTHOR: Autumn Winchester

When I read Avidya’s Letter to Zach at the end of the book my heart was breaking along with Avidya’s.

This second book in the series see’s Avidya and Zach recovering from their accident and quickly marry. As we go along you see then madly in love with each other as they explore being married and the beginning of their BDSM relationship. But there is always danger lurking in the background for them.

Who is out to get them it seems everyone Aaron Avidya’s biological father, Cody the only cruel father Avidya has ever known and of course the men that kidnapped Avidya in the first book but Zach quickly takes care of them.

Cody hunts Avidya down and tries to kidnap her for his own benefits while Aaron lurks in the background waiting with no one really knowing what he has planned for Avidya.

Travis plays a more major part in this book getting closer to his sister and being a source of strength she can depend on. But really what breaks them apart is themselves Zach has made it clear from the beginning what he expects and doesn’t expect from his marriage to Avidya and what lengths he will go to maintain that.

When Avidya finds herself in a situation that there is no way out but to break the heart of her husband and herself she can only do one thing and she turns to the one person that promised all along to help her should she need it.

I have followed Autumns writing from the very beginning and think it only gets better the more she writes.

This book though it follows from the first and sets the scene for the final book is stand alone amazing. You can feel the emotions of all the character, at times you want to hate Zach and many readers will, but you have to see life from his point of view and his reasons why.

Autumn has made sure there is strong character development in this book both as Mafia prince and princess as well as Dom/sub.

Each step of the way with the Dom and sub relationships is explained that even reader with no understanding of the lifestyle can get a clear picture that it isn’t all about abuse and control that there is more to the world of BDSM. I believe Autumn has made this message clear and given such a positive light on this world of BDSM.

The story flows well and keeps with the running theme of Avidya finding her way in the world. This is not a fluffy romance at all but a fictional world of mafia, prostitution, violence and BDSM, nothing is written in a way that is too graphic but in such a way that you get the idea on your own what is happening and leaves it to the readers imagination

If you are not already following this author you should, also if you have not read the first book in the series I suggest you do and read her other works, they are just amazing.

Again Autumn you did an amazing job in bring their stories to life in this series, I just hope I don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens, will Zach win her back can he accept the consequences of their actions, will he do anything to be with the woman he loves more than life its self if it means going against his own beliefs.

His to Own Book Review




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