BOOK REVIEW: Eight Days in The Sun By MK Schiller

Product Details

TITLE: Eight Days in the Sun

AUTHOR: MK Schiller

This book is about love through healing each other through the tragic events of their lives.

Karian lives the life of a recluse until she must decide about her life and future, to do this she decides to return to her hometown of Jasper Florida for a holiday of eight days. Staying in a hotel that would be better suited in times gone by. On her arrival, she meets the handsome Mason Cutler.

Quickly as Mason helps Kiran heal from her past and accept that she truly is an amazing woman the two falls madly in love but knowing that Kiran is off to College to become an author and Mason is off to become a marine they make a pack to return to the same hotel 5 years in the future on the same day.

During the five years Kiran lives her life as she promised Mason and arrives to the day five years at the hotel excited to see Mason once again the first man she ever loved and will ever love, only to find a Letter from Mason saying that he has met the woman of his dreams and that their little pack was silly. But all is not what it seems.

Kiran is heartbroken but notices there is an address on the letter and decides to track Mason down, only to meet his sister Dana who she thinks is his girlfriend, while Dana thinks Kiran is there for the cowmanship position. What Kiran does not know is that tragedy has struck Mason and he has lost his sight, this is the real reason he turned her away he did not want to be a burden on her.

Kiran with the help of Dana decides to stay and be Mason’s companion while Dana explores Antarctica for a few months.

Kiran is strong willed and will not allow Mason to push her away she still loves him and will be happy to just be his friend and help him heal while Dana is away. Mason is angry and stubborn determined that Kiran should live her life without him and will not admit to himself or Kiran that he still loves her and that she is the only one for him. Mason still at the end does not see what everyone else see’s and lets Kiran go once again.

This story does have a very happy ending for the both but I won’t give away how.

I found this book to be very entertaining, with times you wanting to cry along with both, times where you just want to kick Mason’s ass or just cheer for each together when they face all the challenges together.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for something different from the typical fluffy romance, yes there is that but it is excellently written and a credit to the author on her ability to bring their story to life. There was not a time where I though gee this story is dragging if anything I wanted to do nothing but keep reading I was enjoying it that much.

I would love to read more from this author and see what amazing worlds she can create.




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