BOOK REVIEW: Hers to Have By AUtumn WInchester

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TITLE: Hers to Have, Book 2 in Series

AUTHOR: Autumn Winchester

When I read Avidya’s Letter to Zach at the end of the book my heart was breaking along with Avidya’s.

This second book in the series see’s Avidya and Zach recovering from their accident and quickly marry. As we go along you see then madly in love with each other as they explore being married and the beginning of their BDSM relationship. But there is always danger lurking in the background for them.

Who is out to get them it seems everyone Aaron Avidya’s biological father, Cody the only cruel father Avidya has ever known and of course the men that kidnapped Avidya in the first book but Zach quickly takes care of them.

Cody hunts Avidya down and tries to kidnap her for his own benefits while Aaron lurks in the background waiting with no one really knowing what he has planned for Avidya.

Travis plays a more major part in this book getting closer to his sister and being a source of strength she can depend on. But really what breaks them apart is themselves Zach has made it clear from the beginning what he expects and doesn’t expect from his marriage to Avidya and what lengths he will go to maintain that.

When Avidya finds herself in a situation that there is no way out but to break the heart of her husband and herself she can only do one thing and she turns to the one person that promised all along to help her should she need it.

I have followed Autumns writing from the very beginning and think it only gets better the more she writes.

This book though it follows from the first and sets the scene for the final book is stand alone amazing. You can feel the emotions of all the character, at times you want to hate Zach and many readers will, but you have to see life from his point of view and his reasons why.

Autumn has made sure there is strong character development in this book both as Mafia prince and princess as well as Dom/sub.

Each step of the way with the Dom and sub relationships is explained that even reader with no understanding of the lifestyle can get a clear picture that it isn’t all about abuse and control that there is more to the world of BDSM. I believe Autumn has made this message clear and given such a positive light on this world of BDSM.

The story flows well and keeps with the running theme of Avidya finding her way in the world. This is not a fluffy romance at all but a fictional world of mafia, prostitution, violence and BDSM, nothing is written in a way that is too graphic but in such a way that you get the idea on your own what is happening and leaves it to the readers imagination

If you are not already following this author you should, also if you have not read the first book in the series I suggest you do and read her other works, they are just amazing.

Again Autumn you did an amazing job in bring their stories to life in this series, I just hope I don’t have to wait too long to find out what happens, will Zach win her back can he accept the consequences of their actions, will he do anything to be with the woman he loves more than life its self if it means going against his own beliefs.

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