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oliva savage

For the record, please state your name.


Olivia Savage


What inspired you to become a writer?


A few years ago, I was working management a job that paid pretty well and that people told me I was good at. I had just gotten married and we’d bought our first house… life was progressing the way it was supposed to, right?!




Only one, big o’ problem: I wasn’t happy. Like, at all.


Now, I wasn’t depressed or miserable. My job didn’t suck… it was just, you know, a job.


… a job in a box with no windows. That I drove to every day in my box with wheels. And I’d go home every night to watch my box that gave me views of the world “out there” while I spent my time “in here,” boxed in.


Some days, I felt like I was going to go crazy if I spent any more time inside or staring at boxes.


But I always talked myself off the cliff.


The box was safe. Everyone else has a box, after all, and if they don’t yet, they’re saving or looking to get one of their very own.


… and that rational-head-talked worked for a long time (honestly, longer than it should have), until one day I couldn’t take the boxes any more.


Then I kind of snapped (more on that in a second).


I was tired of leaving for work so early that I didn’t see the sun. And driving home so late, from long hours at the office, that it seemed like Monday-Friday existed in perpetual night. Until the weekend came (if I wasn’t working that too, of course), when I could exist in daylight. But not for too long, because I was so exhausted from the long-night-to-nights of my week.


Life became about existing. Trudging from one day to the next. Until, late one night, my husband and I looked at each other—lines etched into our faces from stress, worry and lack of sleep—and one of those subliminal messages passed between us…


What the hell were we doing?!


We both had relatives that were at the end of their years who we hadn’t visited because we “didn’t have time.” There was an entire gaggle of nephews and nieces that didn’t know us because they lived half way across the country.


Old friends, new friends, family near and far, even each other: They were all slowing growing into strangers with each passing day.


Not only that, but I felt like I didn’t know myself anymore. Where was that spitfire of a woman who laughed hard and loved harder? She was sinking away beneath sheets of paper and file folders, every spread-sheet line weighting her down a little bit more.


So I and my hubby took the scariest step ever…


We fired our jobs, sold everything and bought an RV. To travel. To feel free again. To rebuild the relationships that were withering away.


And on a dust back road, in the middle of nowhere-Colorado, I had an idea for a story and started to write.


That’s how I began writing, and I would eventually branch into short stories and then novels. I’m working on my six book right now 😀


There was no crash of lighting or voice from the heavens that inspired me to become a writer. Just a simple, nagging itch that I couldn’t ignore any longer.


… And if you’ve ever felt that same hankering, poking away despite how much you try to ignore it, let this be the sign you were waiting for. Do a little something to scratch that itch today.


Refuse to just exist. You deserve more.



What social media do you use to contact with your fans?


I’m always on Facebook and twitter (so say hi and tell me about your story!):



What’s your favorite genre to write/read in and why?


I love romance because: hot guys and sex scenes. Fun to read, even more fun to write! My latest series (The Art of Hanky Panky) is a very naughty contemporary romance involving a smokin’ hot artist and the woman he asks to model for his paintings.


I’m also a huge paranormal and fantasy reader. My next series is a fantasy romance featuring a kick-ass heroine and a hero with a giant sword [hint, hint].


If you’d like to find out when my newest novel will be available, don’t forget to visit my website and sign up for my newsletter. I’m currently giving away a copy of my highly inappropriate adult coloring book (drawn specifically for romance readers). If that sounds like fun, check it out at



Do you have any causes, charities, foundations that you are passionate about and donate to? if so why? how did you get involved??


I have always loved dogs (seriously, who doesn’t want unconditional love and a snuggle-buddy!) so my husband and I have been involved with foster dogs and animal recuse for years. Seeing a puppy find his forever-family is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.


If I ever won the lottery, I would want to start a giant dog sanctuary with tons of land for them all to roam, ears flopping as they dash by, ball hanging out of mouth.


what is your favourite food/s?

Coffee, coffee, coffee… Until it gets too late in the day for caffeine, then I switch to red wine. Oh, and I grew up in the southwest. I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of my life. I talk about restaurants with good enchilada sauce the way some women talk about their hair stylist.


Tell us about your Book/S?

If you like naughty contemporary romance, then you’ve got to check out my newest series, The Art of Hanky Panky.

(Available on Kindle and in print paperback from

art of hanky panky

What would you do if a hot, rich, famous artist asked you to pose for one of his painting?
…And, by the way, did I mention you’d have to be naked?

Completely, 100%, nothing to hide those love handles, nude.
Honestly, it’s mortifying enough to stand naked in front of my own mirror, but to do it in the same room with my mind-blowingly hot, totally off-limits art instructor?
This is so not something that I, June Cooper, had planned for this college semester.


What I should be focusing on is working my butt off to pull in awesome grades and get into my choice of law schools.

No distractions allowed.

Especially if they come with male parts attached.
Aside from just being dumped, a waistline that inexplicably keeps growing (damn you, chocolate cake!), and a highly developed caffeine addiction, my life is pretty much on track. Just how I want it.
Then, he showed up.

Ryan Carter.

Famous painter. Artist. And one giant, smoldering, red-hot distraction.

My world comes screeching to a halt when Ryan asks me to pose for a painting.

Going naked is one of the most terrifying demands anyone has ever made of me.


But I could never have guessed how exposed my life would become through that one little request.


*** The Art of Hanky Panky is available on Kindle and in print paperback from

Tell us a little about yourself. Perhaps something not many people know about? Can you share with us the best way to contact you and where to find your work? This is where you have the floor.


You can check out more tantalizing books from author Olivia Savage on her website: and don’t forget to grab your copy of her free adult-only coloring book created specifically for romance readers. Check it out at


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