BOOK REVIEW: Chosen Path By J. Whitney Williams

Chosen Path by [Williams, J. Whitney]

TITLE: Chosen Path

AUTHOR: J. Whitney Williams

I really liked this book I have always been interested in the geisha in the Japanese culture also I liked how Yumi had to chose what she wanted and how to handle things in her life.   I loved that this book was about a different culture altogether because you don’t get to much of those.  I liked that Yumi and Kosei were together but she chose her job over him and when she came back he was with someone else and how she might have done something bad.  I liked how Yumi thought that sex was a weapon and for women in the profession of being a geisha or entertainer it is most likely the case.  I would love to read other books by this author because she has a way with words and really good with the romantic scenes.



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