BOOK REVIEW: Clemency by Leah Parker

Clemency by [Parker, Leah]

TITLE: Clemency

AUTHOR: Leah Parker

For a romance novel with a bit of a twist of fates you are looking for then this is the book for you. One of the best things about it the intimacy between Gaia and Quillen is written about that it happens but leaves it to the imagination of the reader to create it.

The book has a tragic beginning with lone wolf Quillen driving in to town and he sees a woman looking so sad on the edge of bridge, he runs on instinct and feels the need to do whatever he can to talk her off the ledge only to find out that she is attending his cousin’s funeral also.

Gaia does not understand who Quillen is and way Ethan’s mother has such hatred for him and that is not made clear to the readers until much later in the book when you discover how Gaia and Quillen’s lives had been brought together not just in the past but in the future, that this is not the first time Gaia has been saved by Quillen and he paid the price in more ways than one.

I don’t want to say too much because it will ruin the book for you but know that Gaia must face one of greatest fears just to make sure she can fix things with Quillen and admit to him that even though she didn’t want to she fell in love with Quillen

This is not a book about perfections or a perfect love, it is about two ordinary people who have their own faults and fears, their own dark pasts and how as individuals and as a couple they face them together.

It lets you sit back and look at your own life for a minute and asses what is right in your world and what is important.

So, don’t delay go and buy this book it really is worth the read. The author has amazing talent in keeping it simple but with powerful messages for us all



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