BOOK REVEIW: Where it all Began By Lorana Hoopes

TITLE: Where it all Began

AUTHOR: Lorana Hoopes


I loved the way this author showed the ugly side of abortion, how Sandra did not want the abortion but did it because her boyfriend Peter pressured her to do and refused to discuss the chance of keeping the baby. It is only after Sandra has the procedure and their relationship breaks down doe her boyfriend realises what he has done.

Throughout this book you feel each emotion that Sandra goes through as you watch battle with depression and turning to alcohol to mask the pain she is feeling.

On one of her worst days Sandra is given the support of a stranger how lives in the same apartment block and through friends set up of a blind date she again meets this stranger Henry. Sandra comes to the realization that all the negative and disturbing feeling she had when around her ex-boyfriend she does not have with Henry.

Very early in the relationship Henry introduces Sandra to his faith in God, Jesus and his church and Sandra begins to explore this new appreciation for Henry’s dedication to his faith but she always doubts within herself why God would forgive her for her sin of abortion. Henry and Sandra are together for many months, when Henry proposes to Sandra which she agrees to but she keeps her secret from Henry.

After being married for two years and trying to have a child of their own Sandra discovers because of her abortion she can no longer have children and thinks god is punishing her for her sins. But the real test of life and their combine belief in their faith in god is when Sandra and Henry are involved in a motor vehicle accident leaving lasting effects on both.

Will their marriage survive? Will Sandra still have faith in God or will she turn her back.

Though this book does have a happy ending for the couple there are a lot of tests and challenges for them both and how they struggle especially Sandra to keep her belief in God and that he does love her, will guide her to the path where she can carry his message of love but also have an impact on other women’s lives by telling her story. This book though it’s a romance is about one woman’s journey both the ugly and the good.

There were a few very strong messages in this book and though I myself am not very religious, I do believe in God and Jesus and found that I could relate very much to what Sandra was going through, why people came into her life at just the right moments when she needed help the most and how she could change the lives of other.

This book truly is empowering to any woman that reads it, though it has a strong religious component to it, it is not all the book is about.

I will defiantly have been reading this book again in time, like today I took away something powerful and profound, I am sure any future times that I read this book, it will have different messages for me. If you are not religious please don’t shun this book because to the religious content there is so much more to this book and deserves a read






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