BOOK REVIEW: By The Sword, Guardians of the Crown Series by Alison Stuart

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TITLE: By The Sword, Guardians of the Crown Series

AUTHOR: Alison Stuart

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This book is an English historical romance fiction. The opening chapter set the scene for what you can expect from the rest of the story. It is set during the battle of Worcester and surrounding areas where King Charles 2 takes reign after his father is murdered and the struggles between the soldiers that fight in the name of the King and parliamentarian that follow General Cornwell.

One solider Johnathan Thornton is loyal to the new reigning king while Kate Ashley is loyal to the parliamentarian movement. Kate’s loyalties are tested when she is summoned by Sir Francis Thornton and is to take on the responsibilities of Seven Ways apron his death until her son Thomas becomes of age to claim his inheritance.

Johnathon has a checked past and a child he did not he had till just before he is captured by the parliamentarian solider while making his escape to Holland.

Kate and Johnathon meet while Kate’s first stay at Seven Ways and they quickly fall in love. Johnathan goes back to the war efforts and there are several chance meetings throughout the book where they can be together and confess their love for each other with Johnathan promising to marry Kate once he is a free man.

I found this book well written and its clear the author did her research of the landscaped areas described, the battles themselves and the people of the time.

I really enjoyed this book, it kept within the setting of the time, there was not great details into the battles that were fought but more of the emotions of the men fighting it and the struggles they faced. But that was not the only focus the author gave readers the struggles that were faced by all characters especially the issues and dangers that both Kate and Johnathon had to face either together or apart and how each struggle brought them closer together and stronger as individuals.

IN this book Kate is not your typical woman of the times, she is strong and independent and a real show of character as to what she will do for those she loves.





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