BOOK REVIEW: Passions By Sherritya Bitikofer

Passions by [Bitikofer, Sheritta]

TITLE: Passions

AUTHOR: Sheritya Bitikofer

Passions by Sheritta Bitikofer was an interesting take on the supernatural/human romance. It’s a mystery romance revolving around our main heroine Chloe and an unknown character who seems to be “haunting” her. When Chloe arrives at her ancestor’s cabin after her aunt’s sudden death, she seems determined to turn her life around after an abusive relationship and a worthless job. She has dreams of becoming a writer and for once has the opportunity to pursue her dreams. She is however warned by the town folks that the cabin she is living in is haunted and to take some precautions. Not being a superstitious person by nature, Chloe doesn’t pay much attention to these rumors and sets up a writing station to pursue her aspirations. Soon however she is shocked to receive some correcpondance from the so called ghost. From this point on the story plunges into a fast paced mystery romance, challenging all preset cliches known in this genre. The story does not offer descriptive love scenes which you might find refreshing after so much focus on this in this genre. It focus mostly on the love story of Gavin and Chloe and their many adventures to make their love possible. They truly fight for their love which is more genuine than the cliche love at first sight plot most authors are favouring these days. I highly recommend this book for kickstarting your summer reading adventure.




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