TITLE:Blood Kiss

AUTHOR:Karen Tjebben

WOW what can I say about this book. It had me hooked from the very start, I don’t usually read Psychological Romantic/Suspense books but this one just sucks you in. How the author could get into the mind of the stalkers and allow you to understand his thought processes and emotions. You could even at times see things from his point of view and feel what he was feeling (if you were delusional maybe).

Not only that the author gave two other view points from the victim’s point of view, her state of mind, what brought her to the gun store and why her desperate need to seek out such a dangerous device such as a gun. You could feel her emotions all through the book and could just picture yourself in her place and wonder would you really do anything different than what she was doing.

Then there was the man of the hour, her knight in shining armour, her soon to be love interest. You could feel his desperate need to save the victim and where his drive was coming from.

The book starts with a very scared and desperate Alisha walking into a gun store looking so out of place but in desperate need to make herself feel safe after she had gone to the police about her stalker, installed a security system in her home and yet she still was scared for her life and this was not her. She was a strong independent woman and this stalker had reduced her to this seeking out a gun for protection.

Mike was at the gun store his buddy Scott owned when Alisha walked in and he just knew she needed his help. Mike had seen it all before, living the life in the military while his sister who did not admit she needed help was killed by her stalker. With Mikes own demons he was determined not to let the same thing that happened to his sister happen to Alisha and offered to teach her how to use her gun safely. Mike now working for a security teams starts a search with the help of his team to find Alisha’s stalker before it is too late

Alisha’s stalker is not someone you would expect it to be. It is not till the very end of the book when you find out who it is. He is not your typical creep. Though as you learn about his childhood from his own mind you can see the phycological damage that has been caused and understand why he really cannot have a normal relationship. BUT when Alisha’s finds out who her stalker really is it does surprise you.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging romance read. Though it is a romance it does not focus on that but more of the minds of these three characters in the book especially the stalker. There is even a reference to the TV his series “Dexter” and though the stalker is not quite up to those levels in the book he really was not far behind in what Dexter does and what he was willing to do to have the love of his life Alisha.

The book was graphic enough for reader to be able to imagine what was happening, but not over the top where it might scare those that are not to phycological readers and turn them off reading which books. This book has given me an appreciations for this genre of which I have never had before and would be happy to read more of this authors works.



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