In Black & White by [Lavender, Catherine]

TITLE: In Black & White


What can I say about this story……..


The author has a creative way of bringing her messages across in this fiction. There is true love that even through separation not caused by themselves but by the bigotry and ignorance of those around them their love continues even in death.

This book addresses a few issues that those of America faced over time, especially in the 60’s when a white man could not love a dark woman, the segregation of both cultures, the lack of cultural diversity and the need to see colour instead of a person’s soul, through laws of the time and the people themselves prevented these two lost souls from being with their one true love and the amass of people and against their union or what their love had created together. Leaving all three lives in complete and missing something of importance to all.

The book also looks at women’s lib of the 70’s and how women should give up the housewife image and stand strong and independent but what was the sacrifice they had to make and the long-term effects this has had on one woman. Micah.

Micah was conceived out of true love between her white father Sidney and her dark mother Loretta. Micah never knew her real father was until he died always believing he had abandoned her and her mother, never fitting in anywhere because she was of a mixed race. All drove Micah to a career driven woman on a mission to succussed in her life, but it was lacking, love she could never really commit to a relationship.

Micah discovers apron Sidney’s death that she is sole benefactor of his estate and his estranged daughter. In the beginning Micah feels nothing but resentment towards this man that is her father. Micah through events and reading Sidney’s first novel realised that her father didn’t abandon her and that he loved her mother till the day he died. While at the same time Micah starts to have strong feelings for Nathan the estates maintenance guy and close friend of Sidney’s.

This book is not a simple romance book, it is more a self-discovery for Micah as she unearths the truth about her parents. There are more sub plots, twists and turns that you don’t expect even attempt of murder from the least likely suspects, even though they are right in your face, Micah must face to uncover the truth about why her parents were never together when it was clear they loved each other.

Who you expect to be the villain turns out to be a friend in disguise for Micah in the long run. This book is thriving with mystery and you get to enjoy a little bit of romance with a whole lot of discovery not just about Micah’s parents but also herself, how she can be a successful business woman and have love.

I strongly suggest this book for anyone that is looking for something a little different from the typical hot steamy romance (that is not this book). But if you want something that touches on the tragedy of the cultural times that I am sure is still faced by so many around the world today then this is your book. It has just about everything you could possibly want in a book. Its light, entertaining but also sucks you right in from the very beginning and you don’t want to put it down.





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