BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: The Best Seller by Dina Rae


The Best Seller

Book 1 of 2

Dina Rae

Solstice Publishing, May 31st, 2016

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Book Description:

When Maya Smock writes her first novel, everything seems to go her way. Her book practically writes itself. She marries her gorgeous agent. Her name is on all of the best seller lists. Billionaire author Jay McCallister takes an interest in her meteoric rise to fame and invites her into his world of alien-believing celebrities. Her life changes forever when he tells her that they were both created inside of a laboratory. These authors are embedding an alien genetic code within the pages of their novels that originated from Nazi Germany because…

The time has come. They are here.

I honestly believe that The Best Seller is a “best seller” and will enter the book world at warp speed.Nancy Allen, The Avid Reader, Book Review 5 Stars

Cannot wait for the sequel!Mike Tosto, 5 Stars

The Best Seller is plot driven with a thrilling story line that will keep readers turning pages until the final climax.Michael Thal, Author, 4 Stars

This is a great story. I was instantly caught up by the aliens and Doctor Jaeger. Bonder Reviews, 5 Stars


About the Author:

Dina Rae brings an academic element to her novels by weaving research and history throughout the stories. Big Pharma, Big Agri, Big Conspiracy is Dina’s first nonfiction work.
Dina lives with her husband, two daughters, and dog outside of Dallas. She is a Christian, avid tennis player, movie buff, teacher, and self-proclaimed expert on several conspiracy theories. She has been interviewed numerous times in e-zines, websites, blogs, newspapers, and syndicated radio programs. When she is not writing she is reading novels from her favorite authors Dan Brown, Stephen King, Brad Thor, and George R.R. Martin. She also enjoys reading about religion, UFOs, New World Order, government conspiracies, political intrigue, and other cultures. The Best Seller, her newest sci-fi novel, is released by Solstice Publishing.



2 signed paperbacks of The Best Seller, and 2 Amazon 10.00 gift cards.




Character Interview (The Best Seller by Dina Rae)




Maya Smock

Do you have family?

No.  I was an orphan and then lived in foster families.  I ran away in high school.

Tell us about where you live.

I used to live in a crappy apartment, but then made it big as an author.  My husband convinced me to buy a Spanish mansion in Las Vegas.

What species are you?

I eventually find out that I am a hybrid, part human and part alien.

Who is your best friend?

My best friend is Eric O’Reilly.  I am also in love with him.

What is your mission?

I am not really sure at first, but then I learn that the books that I write contain DNA code.  I figure out that I am being channeled by extra-terrestrials.

Who do you like the most?

I like Eric and I also like Jay McCallister.  He is an old writer who has taken me under his wing.

Who do you dislike the most?

My husband Claude is using me.  I figure it out and want a divorce.

What foods do you like?

I love all food.

What foods do you dislike?


What is your favorite drink?

I like to drink alcohol, but it’s not agreeing with me.  I also like to drink Starbucks coffee drinks.

What is your least favorite drink?


What is your favorite season?

Summer. I like the heat. 

What is your favorite holiday?

I like them all, especially Christmas.

Do you have any pets?

No, but I always wanted dogs.

What is your most prized possession?

The crystal necklace that was left with me at the orphanage.  It has extra-terrestrial power.

Who do you work for? 

I work for myself as an author.

How old are you?

I begin the novel at twenty-one and then turn twenty-two.

What hobbies do you have?

I love to write and I love to read, especially science fiction.

What is your favorite place to be?

I love Las Vegas and San Francisco.

What is your favorite color?


Tell us a little about where you grow up?

I ran away in high school.  Eric O’Reilly caught me stealing books from his store and gave me a job.  I lived in a flop house and then got my own apartment.

Tell us a little about your childhood memories.  

I was physically and sexually abused by different sets of foster parents.  My childhood was a nightmare.

Is there anything you would like to share with us?

I make friends with a group of celebrities who believe in aliens.




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