Life's Defeat Life's Series Book 1 by Rebekah Raymond Genre: Romantic Suspense, Futuristic Tragedy places the soldier in StPatrick’s complex, determination to be someone of use keeps her within its walls. When she finally takes her first breaths of freedom, the soldier is sucked back into military servitude. Her long, violent capture and imprisonment by... Continue Reading →


Crime Fiction Date Published: 7/4/2017 Are the deacons of Shalom Bethel invincible? Legend has it that in the 1940’s, they came out of a gunfight with holes in their clothes but not their skin. Bullets bounced off of them. They walked through buckshots like water. That story is passed down by every deacon. The legend... Continue Reading →

PROMO BOOST: The Troublesome Apprentice by Liza O’Connor

THE TROUBLESOME APPRENTICE The Adventures of Xavier & Vic by Liza O'Connor Genre: Victorian Sleuths/Mystery series While investigating the death of a friend and client, Maddy Hamilton, Xavier Thorn (reputed to be the greatest sleuth in England) is greatly impressed with Maddy’s nephew, Victor, and offers him a job as his secretary. Aware of Xavier’s... Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Romance Between the Pages presents this week’s Best Selling Author L.P. Dover

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann's new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through the spring. No question is out of bounds. Check it out! THIS WEEK'S BEST SELLING AUTHOR... L.P. DOVER! New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a... Continue Reading →

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell

Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell Genre: Paranormal Romance Nathan Davenport is being stalked by Isabella Ravini, the feral vampire who stole his human life over a hundred and sixty years ago. She made him her fledging, a slave for her dark, evil purposes—hunting humans. After a few years she released him, and Nathan... Continue Reading →

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY: Luna by Garon Whited

Luna by Garon Whited Genre: SciFi, Fantasy, Dystopian "It's the end of the world, and I have the best seat in the house." Armageddon has arrived. It's not as bad as we thought. The world is in trouble. Correction. The world is ending and soon. The last days are coming and humanity is unable to... Continue Reading →

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