SERIES REVEIW:The Lightning Witch Trilogy

The Lightning Progeny (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 3) by [Cyr, Emily]

The Lightning Progeny (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 3)

AUTHOR: Emily Cyr

BOOK REVIEW: The Lightning Legacy BY Emily Cyr

The Lightning Legacy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 2) by [Cyr, Emily]

The author carried through the theme of this second book in the series beautifully, leading straight off where the first book ended. There are more challenges Reid and Delaney must face, but I should warn readers in this book there is torture and abuse, though not detailed it does give readers a clear image of what is happening.

At the end of the first book you realise who has betrayed Delaney and Reid. This book starts off with the torture and abuse of Delaney at the hands of the one they once called a friend all in the name of power as he sets out to achieve the prophecy and the only way he can is by turning Delaney and making her his, but there is a catch she must come willingly.

Delaney refuses to give him what he wants, when all hope is lost for Delaney a known helps her escape and she return home to Savanah to her good friend Troy only to discover upon Mil’s death she gifted her powers to Troy.

While Delaney is making her escape so is Reid from his torture and prison, in a desperate need to find his mate and kill the one person that is so demented and power hungry will stop at nothing to see the prophecy filled on his terms and to use Delaney’s power to suit his own needs.

Reid also calls on the help of an unlikely ally who comes promising protecting, aid and friendship but at the last moment will betray them all in the name of the coven

Delaney comes to her own in this book finally accepting her powers and while she is so important to this prophecy, but it is not just her that will bring the downfall of witches but her future generations. It is not the end for all except those seeking power for their own selfish desires but the returning to the old more peaceful ways.

I must admit I was so hooked on these books that I screamed at the end of this book, knowing I would probably have to wait to find out what happens, YES it ends on a cliff hanger as they again are betrayed by one they were close to

BOOK REVIEW: The Lightning Prophecy BY Emily Cyr

The Lightning Prophecy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 1) by [Cyr, Emily]

This series including this first book, is a great supernatural series. The Lightning Prophecy sets the reader up with an introduction for what is to be expected from this series. Not only is it a supernatural romance suspense novel. You never know what to expect next, who you thought were the villain may not be and who you thought was a friend turns out to be the worse villain known to man.

It starts with Delaney’s mother making a call to aunt Mil who is a powerful witch and a member of the coven. Mil quickly realises that Delaney is what the coven has been searching for years, she is the down fall of witches, but there is more to this prophecy than meets the eye.

Jumping forward several years in comes Delaney’s soon to be love interest hottie Reid a lone wolf never wanting to be part of a pack. Reid has been set by the coven to investigate the murders of witches that had once been part of the coven but no more. One of those murdered is Delaney’s close friend and fellow witch Sierra.

Delaney is determined to solve Sierra’s murder and Reid agrees she can help with his investigation with his close friend and fellow wolf Mitch. Delaney quickly realises that all the witches that have been murdered were of a power level of at least 8 and together Reid and Delaney quickly realise the coven has not told Reid everything he is to know. While trying to uncover who the murder is Delaney and Reid fight their strong attraction to each other. Aunt Mil in the background is desperately trying to get Delaney to move again so that they can hide once again from the coven, Delaney refuses to move, wanting nothing more than revenge on the one that killed her dear friend Sierra.

What turned out to be a revenge mission for Delaney quickly turned into Delaney and Reid trying desperately to keep Delaney alive and protect her from the coven and unknown forces out to get her, while they are betrayed by one closet to them. While at the same time coming to realise what the prophecy could mean to them especially what it will mean to Delaney and how powerful she really is

This series if worth reading if you enjoy suspense, mystery, romance all rolled up in this supernatural adventure.


I have tried very hard to give an honest review, giving enough of the stories to make my readers intrigued enough to go and purchase these books but not wanting to give too much of the plot away as I feel this series though you will have to wait for the third book to know the outcome deserves some serious purchasing, it truly is worth every cent you will spend on this series. Please follow the author if you love the books as much as I did check out her other works, I know I will be




RELEASE BLITZ: The Lighning Progeny Author: Emily Cyr

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