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REVIEW: Earth’s Embrace (Book 2 in The Elemental Series) by Alex E. Carey



It has been a privilege to drift off into the world of The Elemental Series. I’m honored that Alex has trusted me with this little gem. Alex has the patients of a saint. She’s an amazing author and I’m honored to call her my friend.

It’s difficult to write a review for a book I’m so passionate about without the words being all jumbled and mixed up, but as with the first book in this series (Fire’s Love) I’ll write from the heart.

Earth’s Embrace is adventurous but unlike Fire’s Love where Kira (the main female character) and Pyre (the main male character) first meet, this one follows the love that they share and how said love blossoms. Pyre may be a hothead but when he’s with his Kira you get to see the softer and sweeter side of him.

Earth’s Embrace begins with them in their new apartment. Pyre tries to unpack his belongings which doesn’t go so well. You can’t help but feel for him but laugh until your sides hurt at the same time. The way Kira walks in and sees a box head Pyre is sweet but hilarious all together.

When Christmas time comes and Kira gives Pyre his present he asks her how she’d obtained it. The ever curious Pyre. The story that she tells him was incredibly unbelievable but was a good one; had me going even though I knew how she’d gotten it. She eventually told him the truth but just Pyre’s reaction when she told him the first story was just perfect!

Some of the characters in this story will make you wary of them along with Kira and her friends but soon all will be revealed.

Pyre’s overprotective nature is super sweet and reminds me so much of my fiance. He protects Kira at every turn, even from human college boys!

You can see the transformation in each character as the story develops especially Pyre. And you can’t help but feel for Lowell, the lonely wolf, when you hear the story of his devastating past love. Lowell has been through too much in his long life, too many tragedies for any one man to handle. He deserves love and a second life full of happiness. Will he achieve this along the journey? You’ll have to read this fantabulously, adventurous series to find out!


About The Author


I majored in English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Kira’s story came to me during my first year while waiting for class to start. I began to scribble and the next thing I knew I had the beginnings of a story. I continued to imagine what would happen next and wrote bits and pieces in between classes and during work breaks. Once I typed up all the notes, I realized I had enough for a full novel, and ideas for more, resulting in the Elemental Series.

I enjoy a variety of books, but especially enjoyed the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. If you also like those book series, I hope you will enjoy my Elemental Series.

One thing I am asked constantly about this series is if Satan or demon worship is involved. There is absolutely nothing like that in the books. In my books, demons are more like humans with special gifts or powers. They can be good or evil. Some of the demons hate humans, while others protect humans and the earth. It could be compared to the concepts behind books or entertainment involving vampires, witches, or mutants as defenders of mankind. It symbolizes ideologies and behaviors that we sometimes struggle with in the world today, and challenges the view of judging or hating a group of people simply because of something that identifies them, whether it’s their race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socio-economics, etc. I, myself, am a Christian who believes in tolerance and acceptance, and that hate only breeds more hate. My books are family friendly for all age groups. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.


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TEASER TUESDAY: Her Master’s Redemption by Lily White

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Her Master’s Redemption by Lily White


Release: September 7, 2017


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TEASER TUESDAY: The Collector Series by Stacey Marie Brown

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The Collector Series by Stacey Marie Brown.
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TEASER TUESDAY: Latest Releases by L.A. Fiore

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Check out L. A. Fiore’s last three releases.
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TEASER TUESDAY: The Boy Next Door by Ella James

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Available now, The Boy Next Door by Ella James.

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TEASER TUESDAY: Ryder by S. Nelson

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Have you #OneClicked Ryder by S. Nelson?
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TEASER TUESDAY: Shane’s Truth by V. F. Mason

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Available now, Shane’s Truth by V. F. Mason!

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