Character Interview Name: Trevor Warren from Blessing

30124288_255054285036527_8696473016713871360_nCharacter Interview Name: Trevor Warren


 Do you have a family? I have a mother and father… my older brother, Dean, passed away not too long ago. He was twenty-seven years old when he was killed by a drunk driver. He died on the operating table during an emergency surgery. My sister-in-law, Cat, was in the car with him and died instantly. I’ve been taking care of their son, Greyson, and it’s tough as hell. I still don’t know why they would give me Grey… He’s amazing, though. The cutest fuc—freaking kid I’ve ever seen.


Tell us about Where you live I live in Evergreen, Colorado.


What species are you? I may look a little rough around the edges, but I’m still human…


 Who is your best friend? Quinton. He’s Ronnie’s brother-in-law. I could talk to that dude all day.


 What is your mission? Mission in life? I don’t know. Try not to F-up to badly. I’ve messed so much stuff up in the past. I guess that’s the one thing that’s pretty consistent about me. I guess my mission is just doing right by Grey. That kid deserves the freaking world. And God do I just want to give that to him. I want him to have the upbringing he deserves.


Who do you like the most? Grey and Ronnie. Without them, I would truly be nothing. I loved Grey from the moment I held him in my arms. And Ronnie… Hell, I was a goner from the moment I saw her, as well.


 Who do you dislike the most? God, life feels too short to dislike anyone. There was a point in my life when I really used to carry a lot of hate and anger, but now I’ve let that go and have moved on with my life. It feels good. Hating people just seemed like a waste of energy.


What foods do you like? Anything Ronnie cooks for me. I love mac and cheese when my girl actually allows me in the kitchen. It’s the only thing I can cook without burning.


What foods do you dislike? I don’t know. Some of that kale crap Ronnie eats can be pretty gross.


What is your favorite drink? Red Bull. It’s the only vice I have left.


What is your least favorite drink? Anything with espresso. I don’t care what my girl says, it tastes like sugary garbage.


What is your favorite season?? Fall. The weather is perfect, and Colorado is beautiful.


What is your favorite holiday? Christmas. I love seeing Grey enjoy the holidays.


Do you have any pets? Not yet. But I would love to get a dog. I know it’s tough to get a puppy when you already have a baby to care for… but it would be nice for Grey to have another friend to play with.


What is your most prized possession? I have one of my brother’s old football jerseys from college. I snagged it from his room before I found my own apartment in Evergreen. It’s nice to always have a piece of him with me.


Who do you work for? I’m a construction worker. It’s nice. It pays my bills and I get to work with some good friends.


 How old are you? I’m twenty-four years old.


What hobbies do you have? As sad as it is, I don’t really have many hobbies. Before I took care of Grey, all I ever did was travel and get drunk. And now I focus all of my energy on Grey. Maybe when he gets a little older I can have more time for myself.


 What is your favorite place to be? As cheesy as it’s going to freaking sound, I love being where my family is. I feel stupid saying that, but it’s true. Ronnie and Grey are the two most important people in my life and manage to make everyday amazing, regardless of what we do or where we are.


What is your favorite color? Black. It’s easy to match with everything.


Tell us a little about where you grow up? I grew up here in Evergreen. It was boring, but I guess every place is when you’re living there. When I was younger all I wanted to do was travel and leave Colorado behind. But now that I’m back, I realize it’s really not as bad as I was making it out to be all those years ago. Tell us a little about your childhood memories I remember looking up to my brother. He was, and always will be, my hero. He was so smart and freaking talented. I would always follow him around when I was little. His friends would hate it because they thought I was “too young” to hang out with. However, my brother always stood up for me and forced them to let me play, too. Dean and I would do things like act out movies with the help of our dad. We would dress up and try to act out scenes from movies like Star Wars and Alien. It was amazing. I would dress up as Luke Skywalker and would force Dean to dress up like Han Solo and fight me. Of course, this was before I found out Leia was Luke’s sister… I miss those times with Dean. Everything was so easy then.


 Is there anything you would like to share with us? I’m not really the “sharing” type. Sometimes it’s hard for even Ronnie to get me to open up. It’s like pulling teeth.





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    A most read. You should get this book when it comes out. This is a story that we all could relate to. I am so proud of Trevor taking over the role of being the dad/Uncle/caregiver to this blessing of a child. His brother would be Proud. ❤️👍😍


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