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REVIEW: A Wild and Unremarkable Thing by Jen Castleberry

aw- my reviewI liked this book it had a lot of surprising elements I loved the dragons or fire scales in it and how the one thing made Cayda turn into Cody.  I like how Cody thinks that he is the only one going for the prize in the beginning but how he soon finds out that he is not the only one.  I liked how there was a lot of dangerous stunts and things that keep you wanting to read more and how you can see some things coming and some you would never have thought.  I like Wolfe and how he loves to read because that was something that I found I had in common with this character even when I found the strength of Cody or Cayda the same as mine as well.  I like how Penn finds out what Cody is and how helps her in anyway that he can, I also like how there are so many characters in this book and how they all come together but have separate stories throughout the book or points of view.  This author is really good and I would recommend this book to others because she has a way with words and knows how to take your mind to another place all together.

Reviewer  Amber Paradis

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REVIEW: Power Struggle by Paige Fieldsted


This is a perfect title for this book. It is a battle of the sexes, will and their past.

Olivia Roberts is the top defense attorney for in New York working her way to what she believes will be partnership at her firm.

In walks Jamerson Beck who the partners promised Olivia’s dreams of partnership to.

unbeknownst to either of them in a night of unbelievable sex for them both and so it starts.

Neither of them can get enough of each other, through their struggle to be top dog and get their client freed from a high profile murder case and that elusive partnership at the firm.

what happens is nothing but hot pure erotic love and letting go of their past.

This book had me laughing at all the right moments, crying when faced with both Jamerson’s and Olivia’s heartbreaking pasts, and routing for their client to be freed.

Jamerson is arrogant to Olivia’s smart mouth and refusal to follow any orders, she loved to push the limits with Jamerson both in the bedroom and the courtroom

I did not want to put this book down and read it in one session.

its sassy, sexy and damn hot from start to finish and just a damn power struggle right to the very end.

If your looking for a book with just enough hot sex to make you flush from heat, enjoy watching to characters struggle for dominance but no frill falling in love while they argue their way there, then this is the book for you.




includes links for purchasing the book





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REVIEW: The Highlander’s Princess Bride

The Highlander's Princess Bride_362x600

I loved this story I could not put it down once I started it because all of the suspense in the first chapter.  I like how Victoria went to hide out in Scotland because as soon as she met Nick you could tell that they had chemistry but it took a while for them to realize it.  I like how Victoria took the challenge and had all the men of the Kendrick household wrapped around her little finger when most of they did not like her or want her their in the first place.  The author is fantastic and know how to weave a great tale of love and I would read more books from them and I would recommend this book and the other two in this series to everyone because the author really has a way with words and tells a great love story with lots of twist and turns.

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REVIEW: Cats & Dogs by Jess Molly Brown

About The Book

CATS AND DOGS FINAL COVER_largeYoung veterinarian Nathan Brooks spent every childhood summer with his neighbor’s granddaughter Julia Hart. As a small boy, he’d been impressed by her attack on him with a plastic bat after his border collie attempted to eat her kitten. He knew he’d marry her someday. Childish spats evolved into something sweeter until suddenly, cats and dogs didn’t seem so incompatible.

But Nathan’s mother succumbed to cancer and his father and brother took solace in addiction. For Nathan, golden days grew few, and far between. Cast out of his home, Nathan had to make his own way in the world. For the first year, he managed to keep everything together. The year after that, his life fell apart and he left behind the only girl who ever mattered.

Three years after Nathan left her, Julia Hart is living in her grandmother’s house next door. Nathan has returned home to open his own practice.

They have a lot of unfinished business.

Evidently, neither has been able to move on. But what can he offer her? They haven’t spoken since the day he walked out with no explanation, and Julia’s not about to let bygones be bygones. Not after she’s spent three years shoring up the walls around her broken heart. Besides, he’s not exactly convinced he’s the best bet.

But fate has a way of knocking down walls when it gets good and ready. Even if Julia and Nathan are not.

*Partial proceeds from this novella will be donated by the author to children’s cancer charities.*


I love it when authors come to us and ask us to review their books and to give honest reviews which we always do. When Jess had asked us, more specifically Maggie Lowe, we immediately jumped at the chance. I knew the book was going to be a tough read, not because of the writing because that part was AMAZING, but because of the topic it was about. Cancer. It’s a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Last year I lost my mother to cancer after just a year of battling. It took me longer than planned to read the book because of that aspect. But with that said I would recommend this book to anyone who’s asking for a book to read. Cats & Dogs by Jess Molly Brown is an AMAZING read!

But a forewarning, in Cats & Dogs the main character’s mom is ill with cancer and you watch her struggle. But you also watch a love form, break down, and build back up. Pick this book up, read it, you will not regret it!!!!!
Cats&Dogs Banner CR

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REVIEW: Three Of A Kind: An Incredible 10 Book Paranormal Menage Romance Box Set

I gave it a five star review because each author wrote a very compelling story and had my attention with each story. I loved the dynamics between all of the couples and the dangers that the female characters were in. I would recommend this book to all of my writing friends and my regular friends as well because it was very hot and steamy and had great suspense.


51rcz-Sq2+LFREE with Kindle Unlimited. 99c to buy today (normally $7.99). Don’t Miss Out! 
Love paranormal romance? Love menage a trois romances?

Presented here is the incredible chance to own a 10 book box set full of the bestselling paranormal menage romances from the past year for one LOW price!

Every book in the collection is a former top #10 bestseller on Amazon and there is something for everyone as the box set includes WereWolves, WereBears, WereTigers, WereLions and even Vampires.

There is love, romance, action and adventure alongside some RED HOT THREE WAY ACTIONin each of these 10 full-length novels.

And do not forget, each book can be read standalone so you will never be left hanging!

The 10 BREATHTAKING Paranormal Menage Novels included in this collection for you are…


1 Amira Rain – Gifted To The Wolves (Top #10 Bestseller)
Jayme Adler has been given the task of infiltrating a wolf-pack owned by Alpha Wolves Cameron and Elliot. In order to get the information she needs she is required to get close to them. Very, very close…

2 Jade White – The Lion’s Mail Order Menage 
Werelion duo Caleb and Tyler were both now at the right age to find a mate and an alcohol fueled night online led to them drunkenly ordering a pair of women from a mail order bride website, the pair were left stunned when only one woman turned up and they realized they would have to share her…

3 Bonnie Burrows – The Tigers Shared Mate (Top #10 Bestseller)
Bounty hunting WereTigers Jareth and Carter knew they should have executed curvy Lydia after she witnessed their crimes. However, the tigers decided to keep her alive and use her for something else…

4 Jasmine White Her Alpha Twins 
When twin Alpha Wolves Asher and Sylan met the cute Genevieve they knew she was their future mate. But now they must convince her to join them and also convince her to be shared…

5 Lilly Pink – The Lion’s Hope 
When WereLioness Hope found she was having fated mate dreams she knew she had to find him. However, when she found him she did not expect that he would have a twin brother who was also fated to be her mate too…

6 Amy Star – The Bears Shared bride (Over 50 5* reviews!)
After years of preparation, Lavinia LeKing is about to become Queen and she will be married to Parker and Thearon, the Alpha and Omega bears of her tribe.
However, Lavinia feels very unsure about her ability to be able to please not just one but two alpha males at the same time…

7 Bonnie Burrows – The Lion’s Shared Bride (Former #1 Bestseller)
After signing up to an adult dating site Nina found herself propositioned by two handsome young men named Soren and Aedan. They wanted to meet her and “share” her sexually for the weekend, things were going to get more than WILD!

8 Samantha Snow – Her Blood Protectors (Over 50 5* reviews!)
After an assassination attempt, Rose finds herself in the protective custody of brothers Zach and Aram.
Only thing is, they are both vampires and soon the three of them find themselves closer to each other than any of them ever expected….

9 Amy Star – 2 Bears 1 Mate 
Soldier WereBears Rick and Trace find duty gets more interesting when they are teamed up with a female WereBear named Elle. As the days develop the three of them spend time getting to know each other and bonding but before they know it they are all bonding in more ways then one….

10 Ellie Valentina – The Panther’s Shared Mate (Box Set Exclusive Release!)
Kyle and Karl Masterson are twin shapeshifting panthers who are on the hunt to share a mate they can call their own. They discover a hook up app designed for shifters called Sinder and decide to use it to find a mate with very interesting results….



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REVIEW: The Billionaire Desire by Carrie Cox

Desire by Carrie CoxOnce a serial series, Desire is now available in this complete collection about Benjamin and Kate.

With money troubles getting her down, Kate Taylor is delighted to accept a commission to restore a piece of artwork for the enigmatic alpha billionaire, Benjamin Easton. From their first electrifying meeting, the passion between Benjamin and Kate is scorching.

Kate is shocked and unnerved at how easily she gives in to Benjamin’s seduction, but she has no idea that her actions on that fateful day will change the rest of her life forever.

For the first time in his life, Benjamin Easton is completely bewitched by a woman. Once wasn’t enough, and the powerful billionaire is a man determined to get what he wants.

This complete collection of DESIRE : Desired by the Billionaire includes all five parts of the original Desire series by Carrie Cox and is perfect for fans of Fifty Shades of Grey.

(This romance contains steamy love scenes and lots of emotion.)





I loved this book and read it in one night cause I could not put it down. I loved the dynamic between everyone and how you would have never guessed that his cousin was just as evil as his father.


Carrie CoxCarrie Cox loves to write hot contemporary romances. You can find out more by visiting where you can also sign up to her newsletter and make sure you never miss a new release.

Ten things about Carrie:

1. I love to read all genres, but my favourite is contemporary romance, with an emphasis on alpha males.

2. My favourite authors include: Nora Roberts, Lori Foster, Bella Andre, Jasinda Wilder and Liliana Hart. All those authors have given me many happy hours of reading.

3. I’m a total sucker for billionaire bad boy romance, and I absolutely loved the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E. L James.

4. If I could live off salt and vinegar potato chips (aka crisps in the UK), I totally would.

5. I went to college and studied science. I’m not sure that it really helped me in my writing career, but I had fun at college!

6. I adore travelling to new places. I have visited Singapore, Malaysia, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, and the Middle East, but there are many more places I’d love to visit.

7. One of my favourite places in the US is Newport, Rhode Island.

8. I’m a bit of a history buff, although I can never remember exact dates! When I visited London, I loved wandering round the Tower of London and seeing where traitors used to be beheaded. Gruesome history fascinates me, but I’m very glad I don’t live in that era!

9. I’ve never learnt to drive.

10. My favourite thing about being a writer is hearing from my readers. Every time I see a new review from someone who enjoyed one of my books, or I get an email from a reader it makes me smile.

Carrie Cox is the author of the Desire series and the Broken trilogy. Currently, Carrie is hard at work planning her next book and trying to not to be distracted by Twitter and Facebook.

To find out more, visit Carrie’s website:

Or connect with Carrie on Facebook:

Or Twitter: @carriecoxwrites

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