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REVIEW: In The Beginning by BCE with Dr. Leviticus Wayne

In The Beginning

by. BCE with Dr. Leviticus Wayne



First, I want to say that I love stories about Gods and Ancient times, otherworldy!


Secondly, King Osiris starts out quiet and then he becomes a confident and stronger leader. Even going as far as stripping a Commander of his ranks and removing him from the briefing hall.


You’ll fall for King Osiris as well as I did!


“Christ on a cracker!”? Now that’s a new phrase!


Lucifer’s reactions to everything that he’s learning about the home they now live in (he was locked away for many of cycles) is just hilarious! “No, no, there’s no way that can be corr-well, shit fire! Save molasses! It is right! Holy fucking shit!”




To say “In The Beginning” by BCE with Dr. Leviticus Wayne is a great book would be the understatement of the century! This book had me hooked from the first word until the very last, it was beyond an amazing journey!



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REVIEW TOUR: The Compendium by Christine Hart




I awoke standing on an orange cliff under a purple sky. An unfamiliar canyon wound under the horizon on either side. I looked down to see a river of metallic sludge oozing along the canyon floor. Chunks of debris floated in the sludge. Steam intermittently bubbled here and there. The sky darkened as I watched the river. Lights streaked across the sky, red and white, blinking. Black pellets fell from the lights, exploding in the distance as they hit the ground.

A figure walked through the smoke left by an explosion on the cliff directly opposite from me. While the smoke cleared, Ivan reached the edge of the cliff. His face distorted with a ripple. He reached up with both arms, burying his hands in his hair. His fingertips pulled on his scalp. Ivan’s expression melted. He peeled off his face in a downward motion taking the rest of his body with it. In Ivan’s place stood a red-eyed humanoid reptile with giant curling horns, identical to what I’d seen reflected in the window of Ivan’s apartment.

The horned figure let out a ferocious roar. The ground shook. The landscape shivered until the canyon transformed into a green valley below dry sage-covered hills. Ivan seemed himself again, smiling and tapping his wristwatch, strolling toward me. I shuddered, shaking my head. The green grass floor trembled and a crack opened horizontally between us. Trembling turned to shaking. The crack ripped into the ground in both directions until a canyon separated us.

A hand brushed my cheek. I whirled to find the source of the touch. I found myself lying in bed back in the guest bedroom in Josh’s farm house. I shouted and sat up.




This book, although starts out very slow, is very well written and researched!

I was a little hesitant in reading The Compendium in the beginning because it’s not in a genre that I normally read in but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed this book and taking the journey with these characters.

These characters were well developed and, other than their powers, seemed very real. Each character had their own personality including one with facial piercings!

Faith was a very annoying character with her jealousy over Jonah and Irina in the beginning of the story but I actually liked that about her because it made her seem more realistic….with her emotions.

Christine Hart is a fantabulous author! With The Compendium, she had me hooked from the first word to the very last! And what an emotional, action packed journey it was!!!

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SERIES REVEIW:The Lightning Witch Trilogy

The Lightning Progeny (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 3) by [Cyr, Emily]

The Lightning Progeny (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 3)

AUTHOR: Emily Cyr

BOOK REVIEW: The Lightning Legacy BY Emily Cyr

The Lightning Legacy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 2) by [Cyr, Emily]

The author carried through the theme of this second book in the series beautifully, leading straight off where the first book ended. There are more challenges Reid and Delaney must face, but I should warn readers in this book there is torture and abuse, though not detailed it does give readers a clear image of what is happening.

At the end of the first book you realise who has betrayed Delaney and Reid. This book starts off with the torture and abuse of Delaney at the hands of the one they once called a friend all in the name of power as he sets out to achieve the prophecy and the only way he can is by turning Delaney and making her his, but there is a catch she must come willingly.

Delaney refuses to give him what he wants, when all hope is lost for Delaney a known helps her escape and she return home to Savanah to her good friend Troy only to discover upon Mil’s death she gifted her powers to Troy.

While Delaney is making her escape so is Reid from his torture and prison, in a desperate need to find his mate and kill the one person that is so demented and power hungry will stop at nothing to see the prophecy filled on his terms and to use Delaney’s power to suit his own needs.

Reid also calls on the help of an unlikely ally who comes promising protecting, aid and friendship but at the last moment will betray them all in the name of the coven

Delaney comes to her own in this book finally accepting her powers and while she is so important to this prophecy, but it is not just her that will bring the downfall of witches but her future generations. It is not the end for all except those seeking power for their own selfish desires but the returning to the old more peaceful ways.

I must admit I was so hooked on these books that I screamed at the end of this book, knowing I would probably have to wait to find out what happens, YES it ends on a cliff hanger as they again are betrayed by one they were close to

BOOK REVIEW: The Lightning Prophecy BY Emily Cyr

The Lightning Prophecy (The Lightning Witch Trilogy Book 1) by [Cyr, Emily]

This series including this first book, is a great supernatural series. The Lightning Prophecy sets the reader up with an introduction for what is to be expected from this series. Not only is it a supernatural romance suspense novel. You never know what to expect next, who you thought were the villain may not be and who you thought was a friend turns out to be the worse villain known to man.

It starts with Delaney’s mother making a call to aunt Mil who is a powerful witch and a member of the coven. Mil quickly realises that Delaney is what the coven has been searching for years, she is the down fall of witches, but there is more to this prophecy than meets the eye.

Jumping forward several years in comes Delaney’s soon to be love interest hottie Reid a lone wolf never wanting to be part of a pack. Reid has been set by the coven to investigate the murders of witches that had once been part of the coven but no more. One of those murdered is Delaney’s close friend and fellow witch Sierra.

Delaney is determined to solve Sierra’s murder and Reid agrees she can help with his investigation with his close friend and fellow wolf Mitch. Delaney quickly realises that all the witches that have been murdered were of a power level of at least 8 and together Reid and Delaney quickly realise the coven has not told Reid everything he is to know. While trying to uncover who the murder is Delaney and Reid fight their strong attraction to each other. Aunt Mil in the background is desperately trying to get Delaney to move again so that they can hide once again from the coven, Delaney refuses to move, wanting nothing more than revenge on the one that killed her dear friend Sierra.

What turned out to be a revenge mission for Delaney quickly turned into Delaney and Reid trying desperately to keep Delaney alive and protect her from the coven and unknown forces out to get her, while they are betrayed by one closet to them. While at the same time coming to realise what the prophecy could mean to them especially what it will mean to Delaney and how powerful she really is

This series if worth reading if you enjoy suspense, mystery, romance all rolled up in this supernatural adventure.


I have tried very hard to give an honest review, giving enough of the stories to make my readers intrigued enough to go and purchase these books but not wanting to give too much of the plot away as I feel this series though you will have to wait for the third book to know the outcome deserves some serious purchasing, it truly is worth every cent you will spend on this series. Please follow the author if you love the books as much as I did check out her other works, I know I will be




RELEASE BLITZ: The Lighning Progeny Author: Emily Cyr

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In Black & White by [Lavender, Catherine]

TITLE: In Black & White


What can I say about this story……..


The author has a creative way of bringing her messages across in this fiction. There is true love that even through separation not caused by themselves but by the bigotry and ignorance of those around them their love continues even in death.

This book addresses a few issues that those of America faced over time, especially in the 60’s when a white man could not love a dark woman, the segregation of both cultures, the lack of cultural diversity and the need to see colour instead of a person’s soul, through laws of the time and the people themselves prevented these two lost souls from being with their one true love and the amass of people and against their union or what their love had created together. Leaving all three lives in complete and missing something of importance to all.

The book also looks at women’s lib of the 70’s and how women should give up the housewife image and stand strong and independent but what was the sacrifice they had to make and the long-term effects this has had on one woman. Micah.

Micah was conceived out of true love between her white father Sidney and her dark mother Loretta. Micah never knew her real father was until he died always believing he had abandoned her and her mother, never fitting in anywhere because she was of a mixed race. All drove Micah to a career driven woman on a mission to succussed in her life, but it was lacking, love she could never really commit to a relationship.

Micah discovers apron Sidney’s death that she is sole benefactor of his estate and his estranged daughter. In the beginning Micah feels nothing but resentment towards this man that is her father. Micah through events and reading Sidney’s first novel realised that her father didn’t abandon her and that he loved her mother till the day he died. While at the same time Micah starts to have strong feelings for Nathan the estates maintenance guy and close friend of Sidney’s.

This book is not a simple romance book, it is more a self-discovery for Micah as she unearths the truth about her parents. There are more sub plots, twists and turns that you don’t expect even attempt of murder from the least likely suspects, even though they are right in your face, Micah must face to uncover the truth about why her parents were never together when it was clear they loved each other.

Who you expect to be the villain turns out to be a friend in disguise for Micah in the long run. This book is thriving with mystery and you get to enjoy a little bit of romance with a whole lot of discovery not just about Micah’s parents but also herself, how she can be a successful business woman and have love.

I strongly suggest this book for anyone that is looking for something a little different from the typical hot steamy romance (that is not this book). But if you want something that touches on the tragedy of the cultural times that I am sure is still faced by so many around the world today then this is your book. It has just about everything you could possibly want in a book. Its light, entertaining but also sucks you right in from the very beginning and you don’t want to put it down.





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TITLE:Blood Kiss

AUTHOR:Karen Tjebben

WOW what can I say about this book. It had me hooked from the very start, I don’t usually read Psychological Romantic/Suspense books but this one just sucks you in. How the author could get into the mind of the stalkers and allow you to understand his thought processes and emotions. You could even at times see things from his point of view and feel what he was feeling (if you were delusional maybe).

Not only that the author gave two other view points from the victim’s point of view, her state of mind, what brought her to the gun store and why her desperate need to seek out such a dangerous device such as a gun. You could feel her emotions all through the book and could just picture yourself in her place and wonder would you really do anything different than what she was doing.

Then there was the man of the hour, her knight in shining armour, her soon to be love interest. You could feel his desperate need to save the victim and where his drive was coming from.

The book starts with a very scared and desperate Alisha walking into a gun store looking so out of place but in desperate need to make herself feel safe after she had gone to the police about her stalker, installed a security system in her home and yet she still was scared for her life and this was not her. She was a strong independent woman and this stalker had reduced her to this seeking out a gun for protection.

Mike was at the gun store his buddy Scott owned when Alisha walked in and he just knew she needed his help. Mike had seen it all before, living the life in the military while his sister who did not admit she needed help was killed by her stalker. With Mikes own demons he was determined not to let the same thing that happened to his sister happen to Alisha and offered to teach her how to use her gun safely. Mike now working for a security teams starts a search with the help of his team to find Alisha’s stalker before it is too late

Alisha’s stalker is not someone you would expect it to be. It is not till the very end of the book when you find out who it is. He is not your typical creep. Though as you learn about his childhood from his own mind you can see the phycological damage that has been caused and understand why he really cannot have a normal relationship. BUT when Alisha’s finds out who her stalker really is it does surprise you.

I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging romance read. Though it is a romance it does not focus on that but more of the minds of these three characters in the book especially the stalker. There is even a reference to the TV his series “Dexter” and though the stalker is not quite up to those levels in the book he really was not far behind in what Dexter does and what he was willing to do to have the love of his life Alisha.

The book was graphic enough for reader to be able to imagine what was happening, but not over the top where it might scare those that are not to phycological readers and turn them off reading which books. This book has given me an appreciations for this genre of which I have never had before and would be happy to read more of this authors works.



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BOOK REVIEW: Broken Angel BY Amanda Jones

broken angel


The Fallen Chronicles: Broken Angel

AUTHOR: Amanda Jones

I really loved this book it had some twists and turns that you would never guess which made it even better. It had great romance and sorrow in it which held me captive through the whole thing (Could not put it down). I love books about angels and demons and this was better than any I have read before the connection between B and Mara was powerful enough that I felt it in every word. I would love to read all of this series and anything else that this author has done loved it..



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BOOK REVIEW: By The Sword, Guardians of the Crown Series by Alison Stuart

Image result for Guardians of the Crown by Alison Stuart

TITLE: By The Sword, Guardians of the Crown Series

AUTHOR: Alison Stuart

Image result for Guardians of the Crown by Alison Stuart


This book is an English historical romance fiction. The opening chapter set the scene for what you can expect from the rest of the story. It is set during the battle of Worcester and surrounding areas where King Charles 2 takes reign after his father is murdered and the struggles between the soldiers that fight in the name of the King and parliamentarian that follow General Cornwell.

One solider Johnathan Thornton is loyal to the new reigning king while Kate Ashley is loyal to the parliamentarian movement. Kate’s loyalties are tested when she is summoned by Sir Francis Thornton and is to take on the responsibilities of Seven Ways apron his death until her son Thomas becomes of age to claim his inheritance.

Johnathon has a checked past and a child he did not he had till just before he is captured by the parliamentarian solider while making his escape to Holland.

Kate and Johnathon meet while Kate’s first stay at Seven Ways and they quickly fall in love. Johnathan goes back to the war efforts and there are several chance meetings throughout the book where they can be together and confess their love for each other with Johnathan promising to marry Kate once he is a free man.

I found this book well written and its clear the author did her research of the landscaped areas described, the battles themselves and the people of the time.

I really enjoyed this book, it kept within the setting of the time, there was not great details into the battles that were fought but more of the emotions of the men fighting it and the struggles they faced. But that was not the only focus the author gave readers the struggles that were faced by all characters especially the issues and dangers that both Kate and Johnathon had to face either together or apart and how each struggle brought them closer together and stronger as individuals.

IN this book Kate is not your typical woman of the times, she is strong and independent and a real show of character as to what she will do for those she loves.





VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR: Guardians of the Crown By Alison Sturt

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