SERIES REVIEW-Everything He Wants by Jenna Fox (books 1 and 2).

there was just enough spunk and spice in this series to keep you guessing who really is the bad twin Cain or Sloane. Meagan has a tough choice of which twin to chose and should she choose wrong it could mean the end of her life or be with a man that she has come... Continue Reading →


Review- INFINITY CLAIMS BY Amber Joi Scott

  WOW what can I say, yet again Amber has written another powerful mafia story with strong characters especially the leading lady. Anber has shown that women can be strong even thought tragedy and adversary how a woman can be powerful and is the leader of a mafia family. The story is one you should read it... Continue Reading →


THE EMERGENT THREAT War Eternal, Book II by J.F Cain Genre: Romantic Fantasy Adventure Alex risked his soul to reunite with Aranes, the angel he’s in love with, forcing her to make the ultimate sacrifice to save him. Having lost her supernatural powers, Guardians and Exorcists fight tooth and nail to protect her, but they... Continue Reading →


TRAILER For a debut author this book is amazing it gets right in from the start with your emotions, you feel for Trevor and wonder why his mother despises him so much, you want to be Ronnie and comfort Trevor. There is not a bad thing I can say about this book except if you... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW- Startoucher by C.J. Odle

What would you do if you knew the fate of humanity rested on a handful of witnesses being judged by a supreme being?   Or you find out that mankind had been a science experience by supreme beings from the beginning?   Maybe you had been chosen for something from out of this world, you... Continue Reading →

Interview and Book Review for Elise de Sallier

Its Live!!!!!!! Return Of The Prince by Author Elise de Sallier   Genre : Medieval Romance Release Date : April 12,2018 ADD TO YOUR GR TBR: An Illustrated, Medieval Romance to touch your heart! . Resigned to her lonely fate, Eloise risks her life to rescue a man left for dead by enemy soldiers. Destrian... Continue Reading →

Cloe Michael Promotions

  SIGN UP TODAY WITH CLOE MICHAEL PROMOTIONS. Are you unsure about working with a new promotional company, we are also known as Cloe Michael's Reads Cloe Michael Promotions is an expansion of our dedication to our authors. it is still run by Maggie Lowe and Bronwyn J Goulding You know them you know their work, you can... Continue Reading →

Review- Secrets (The Rune Trilogy) (Volume 1) BY E.H. Demeter.

Wow! What can I say this book? Secrets by E.H. Demeter, is amazing!!! There are secrets everywhere you look. Juliet has never felt she belonged or deserved to be loved after her future husband leaves her. During a walk on the beach she is caught in a storm and takes shelter in a cave where she... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Fireplay by Steve P Vincent

  Jack is just like our reporters are. He takes risks and it costed him a great deal. Reading this book makes a person wonder...if our Marines do what these guys did? But it’s hard to think like that because I’ve had family and friends in the Marine’ feels wrong somehow.   I really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

Review-The Look of Love BY Bella Andre

The Look of Love BY Bella Andre What can I say about this book, but I loved it all. I loved the way the Sullivan family dynamics just worked, how the brothers teased but protected their sister and that carried over to how Chase treated the young stranger he found in a ditch on the... Continue Reading →


SPOILER ALERT BELOW OMG what can I say first of have the tissues ready? Leah has written this book so well that you fall in love with Luna and Tyler so easily. Leah has been able to get into the minds of both Luna and Tyler so well that you can relate to them. She... Continue Reading →


Synopsis: Finnegan O’Shea The Sons of Munster have been living this life for generations. We have our own protocol, our own traditions, dating back to when two families merged and created our syndicate in Ireland. Now, we have our strongholds in Philly and Chicago, and the wrong man holds the highest position. The day my... Continue Reading →


We are looking for individuals interested in free reading in return for an honest positive review of a book, we cover all genres and all ages Please complete the form below if you are interested in joining the club and one of the owner will get back to you     CMR ARC READING CLUB... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Triplets Curse by Marsha Black

Wow! Marsha has a way with words! Once you start reading you won't wanna put this book down! I can't wait until book 2 gets released! The Triplets Curse - Hope's Story, starts out with Mrs. Baskins giving birth to a baby girl and learns there's 3. Fast forward to 16 years later and you... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Earth Bleeds Red BY Jackson Paul Baer

What can I say about this book. When I started to read it I was not sure it was the type of book I would be interested in, but then it sucked my in and I wanted to know Who had kidnapped Ashley   The story is about a family of three, Scott, Jessie and... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Exercise for Older Veterans with PTSD by James W Lewis

  This is not a book I would normally read or review, I was approached by the author who had come across my personal blog on mental health and particularly PTSD. As a suffer of PTSD I was intrigued about the book. I was in for a surprise.   Though the authors focus is on... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: A Wild and Unremarkable Thing by Jen Castleberry

I liked this book it had a lot of surprising elements I loved the dragons or fire scales in it and how the one thing made Cayda turn into Cody.  I like how Cody thinks that he is the only one going for the prize in the beginning but how he soon finds out that... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Power Struggle by Paige Fieldsted

This is a perfect title for this book. It is a battle of the sexes, will and their past. Olivia Roberts is the top defense attorney for in New York working her way to what she believes will be partnership at her firm. In walks Jamerson Beck who the partners promised Olivia's dreams of partnership... Continue Reading →

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