~*~@--FREE SPECIAL TODAY--@~*~ May 1st-5th, 2018 - FREE on Amazon TODAY!! Secret Millionaire by Misty Rice Universal Link: Karen has been living off a trust fund her grandmother left her. She has no job, no boyfriend, and no life. A chance meeting with a man with a sweet smile has her throwing caution to... Continue Reading →


PRE-ORDER: Only A Millionaire by Author J.S. Scott

#OnlyAMillionaireIsComingSoon #Only3DaysToGo #SexySaturday Teaser - There is only 3 days until you get Only A Millionaire. It has been a year since Brooke escaped to the lovely coastal community of Amesport, Maine, where no one knows her real name or what she’s been through. Now she’s finally heading back home to California. That means saying goodbye to... Continue Reading →

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Freebies and giveaways you wouldn’t want to miss out on!!!! Christmas with a Stranger by Kimberly Grell freebie Fantasy Unlimit freebies and a giveaway

TEASER SHARE: Peach Coloured Daisies by C.A. King

He couldn't die. An ancient curse meant she always did. This time, that was going to change - one way or another. When Daisy's grandmother, her last living relative, passes away, she doesn't know where to turn. Things go from bad to worse when a local psychic tells her about a curse. Alone and confused,... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER: Fragmented Pieces of Me by Chandra Trulove Fry

  Memories warp and fade over time... soon to be forgotten completely. This is a book of memories, my memoir if you will, that I hope to pass on to my descendants and those who wish to know. This semi-prequel to Trials of the Heart flows from one childhood memory to the next to connect... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER: The Wicked Truth: Villains Speak Out an anthology by various authors

You've heard from the heroes. You've pitied the princesses. Now, the villains are speaking out. Seven authors. Seven fairy tales...all told from the villain’s perspective. Discover the truth of these familiar fairy tales from the antagonists of The Snow Queen, Rumpelstiltskin, Goldilocks, Snow White, Cinderella, The Princess and the Pea, and The Wizard of Oz.... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER: My Big Fat Vegas Wedding (Viva Las Vegas Book 2) by Lori Sizemore

He needs a wife. She needs a home for her son. Successful hotel manager Dominic Rosas wants nothing more than to avenge his sister. But to do so, he needs a wife. The stakes are too high to fail, but where will he find a woman willing to go all in? Grace Winters is a... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER: Liv by Kelsie Rae

Liv had her life all figured out until it was shattered by the loss of her husband. He left her a piece of him she hadn’t planned on. How can she pick up the pieces when she doesn’t know where to begin? Liv: I never imagined my life would end up this way. I thought... Continue Reading →

PRE-ORDER: Twisted Tales Of A Dead End Street by C.A. King

☆.•°*°•.☆SPECIAL #PREORDER PRICE ONLY $0.99!☆.•°*°•.☆ New from award-winning author, C.A. King - a paranormal mystery laced with comedic undertones: Twisted Tales of a Dead End Street. Nine neighbours were invited to the mysterious dinner party at 9 Nine Street. Their host, the owner of the mansion, had more planned for the evening than just roast beef. When... Continue Reading →

NEW RELEASE: Target: Berlin by Jeff Dawson & Larry Welch coming April 2018

  The Fourth Reich’s second attempt at overthrowing the United States has ended in utter failure. The remnants of the Pentagon still smolder as President Taylor purges the government of those found un-loyal. The majority of those involved in the coup are either dead, in prison or have vanished in thin air. He is slowing... Continue Reading →

SALE!!!! Providence Paranormal College 2 Box sets!!!

A charmed life can tumble down in an avalanche of problems. Bobby Tremain’s the first in his family to attend college, also the first to see snow. A massive magical blizzard makes this not-so-average bear want to sleep all winter, but he needs to pass exams or risk flunking out of Providence Paranormal College. Lynn... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Thor by E.A. James

TITLE: Thor AUTHOR: E.A. James Reading Thor reminded me so much of Star Trek. Captain Kira reminds me of Captain Kirk. She’s a very cocky but confident character and she knows how to command her ship. She takes rather very dangerous risks but somehow, like Kirk, she ends up surviving. I really love this book... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Surprises by Amy Allen

I love Amy’s characters in Promises! They are feisty, vulnerable, and very well rounded. Poor Brandi, having a friend for that long and then losing them is heartbreaking.   Brandi is a sarcastic biatch but with feelings. John is sexy, hawt with jealous tendencies.   You can’t help but be angry, upset, and happy along... Continue Reading →

SERIES REVIEW: Ride Me Cowboy Box Set: A Western Romance BY Alycia Taylor (Author), Claire Adams (Author)

The ride me cowboy books are a seductive and captivating series filled with romance and desire. The stories revolve around Lexi, a tough city girl with a troubled past and Mark a gentle and charming cowboy with a tumultuous life. Sparks fly from the first moment these two meet and their attraction seems sizzling until... Continue Reading →

Deception by S.E. Kloos Pre-Order now!!!!

~~~Synopsis~~~ Following what was literally the day from Hell, Jade decides a night out with a couple of girlfriends is exactly what she needs to put it all behind her. A chance encounter at the bar, though, would change the direction of her life for as long as he allowed her to live it. There... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: The Branches of Time by Luca Rossi

The mystery behind the wedding scene is very fascinating, why was it only the bride and groom to survive the attack of the Black Shards. The suspense of the missing bodies draws you in even more, you find yourself asking ‘who did this and how did they do it’. The time jumps give a little... Continue Reading →


Surprises by Amy Allen   Blurb Forever is a long time. For John, life will go on until he chooses to die—or something catastrophic happens. For Brandi, a vampire, life could stretch on forever. They’ve been together on and off since 1870, but he’s finally ready to ask an important question. Little does he know,... Continue Reading →

BOOK REVIEW: Praying for Dawn. By Autumn Winchester

Praying for Dawn by Autumn Winchester   Blurb A simple girl. A simple man. Both brought together in the most unexpected way. On her fourteenth birthday, Dawn was kidnapped by a close family friend and forced into a brutal sex trafficking ring. Will a perfect stranger be the answer to her prayers?   In this... Continue Reading →

Interview and Book Review for Veronica Thatcher

IT'S LIVE!!!!!! A Way Back Into Love, by author Veronica Thatcher!! #veronicathatcher Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: February 15, 2017 ADD TO YOUR GR TBR: Grab it up today!!! SYNOPSIS: Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes, uncertain. People, irrational. But love…well, that makes everything complicated. And when you are caught in... Continue Reading →

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