Tales of a Hidden Illness


Tales of a Hidden Illness


This is a safe space where authors of those hidden illnesses can write and have published their works of art.


A place to hear their stories of the stigma they face everyday as they struggle to live a normal life or what is normal any way my normal is different to yours.


Share your tales with us and our followers as we work together to break the barriers knock down the walls of ignorance and lack of understanding.


Help us change the view of so many as they read and see what you create.


With your permission your work will be shared here and



This site is a woman journey living a life with mental illnesses and how after a major breakdown she can no longer be the persons she’s once was

Should you want to participate on this page email us at


A Phoenix we rise from the ashes

We get angry

But at who

Surely not us

We were there

For the ride

Of our past

They say the

Past cannot hurt us


I call bullshit

If it cannot why do

I feel this way

Because you were not

What I needed at such

A young age

I not struggle day to day

But I refuse to let me

Suffer anymore

My brain might

Have been rewired

I may suffer from

Time to time

I might need others


Just to achieve

What others take

For granted

A simple task as brushing

One’s hair daily

I forget to do

I do not remember

How to live an achievable

Day today



Everything I do

Without help is an achievement

It is important

And sometimes I forget it is

We call ourselves a phoenix

We always rise again

A new life

A new being

But we are always

Still just us

Just a little different

We are strong

And achieve so much

WE WILL KEEP DOING THIS, we do not like what we will become if we DON” T

By a Pheonix


We are young and innocent no more


You chose to have us

You stayed

You let it happen

We were young and innocent

We believed it all

We were sponges

To all we saw

To all we felt

To all we witnessed


You blamed others

For the way we were

You could not see

The anger

The pain

The loss

Of identity

All caused by you


Now we are split

We are few

And many

Each carries their own stories

Each carries their own pain

But each find little joy

But only pain


You do not see

 You are the cause of this

We loved you both

But your violence

And cruel ways

Made us who we are today


You blamed others

When we tried to defend our self

To stand against you

To speak our mind


You are the one responsible

For our abuse

Our neglect

Our pain

Our continued suffering


You are the one responsible

For our split

For us not being one

But many

We were not his to play with

But yours to protect

You allowed it



We are now many

In so much pain

It is because of you


The abuse and neglect

Lack of love falls to YOU




by a pheonix


Darkness everywhere

There is darkness everywhere

No light to guide your way

You feel alone


Why should you remain


Why should you continue to struggle?

Why should you better yourself

Who is it for

Why do you need to do?

Anything beside

Being in the darkness

With no light


The longer you stay there

The less hope you have

Of escaping

Of facing your demons with armor

Why should you

Why not let the darkness?

Take you away from the light


Humans struggle day to day

Humans face the darkness in

Different forms for each person

It is how as a society

We face this darkness


For some, it is something to fear

A time to give up

To give in

To let go of all hope


To others, it is a time

Of growth





To me the darkness from time

Takes hold but

I know there is one person

That will guide me back to the

Light and help me find

My path


Once on that path, I am enlightened

Once again.

Each time I enter the darkness and

Return to the light

I am a phoenix

Raising from the ashes once again


It is a rebirth

A new seedling

A toddler learning to

Walk or run


I face my challenges

My illness head on

I know there is

My light right beside

Me even if I do not see it

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