REVIEW TOUR: The Compendium by Christine Hart




I awoke standing on an orange cliff under a purple sky. An unfamiliar canyon wound under the horizon on either side. I looked down to see a river of metallic sludge oozing along the canyon floor. Chunks of debris floated in the sludge. Steam intermittently bubbled here and there. The sky darkened as I watched the river. Lights streaked across the sky, red and white, blinking. Black pellets fell from the lights, exploding in the distance as they hit the ground.

A figure walked through the smoke left by an explosion on the cliff directly opposite from me. While the smoke cleared, Ivan reached the edge of the cliff. His face distorted with a ripple. He reached up with both arms, burying his hands in his hair. His fingertips pulled on his scalp. Ivan’s expression melted. He peeled off his face in a downward motion taking the rest of his body with it. In Ivan’s place stood a red-eyed humanoid reptile with giant curling horns, identical to what I’d seen reflected in the window of Ivan’s apartment.

The horned figure let out a ferocious roar. The ground shook. The landscape shivered until the canyon transformed into a green valley below dry sage-covered hills. Ivan seemed himself again, smiling and tapping his wristwatch, strolling toward me. I shuddered, shaking my head. The green grass floor trembled and a crack opened horizontally between us. Trembling turned to shaking. The crack ripped into the ground in both directions until a canyon separated us.

A hand brushed my cheek. I whirled to find the source of the touch. I found myself lying in bed back in the guest bedroom in Josh’s farm house. I shouted and sat up.




This book, although starts out very slow, is very well written and researched!

I was a little hesitant in reading The Compendium in the beginning because it’s not in a genre that I normally read in but I’m glad I did. I enjoyed this book and taking the journey with these characters.

These characters were well developed and, other than their powers, seemed very real. Each character had their own personality including one with facial piercings!

Faith was a very annoying character with her jealousy over Jonah and Irina in the beginning of the story but I actually liked that about her because it made her seem more realistic….with her emotions.

Christine Hart is a fantabulous author! With The Compendium, she had me hooked from the first word to the very last! And what an emotional, action packed journey it was!!!


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